Who Will Be Hillary’s Joe Biden?

Posted June 10th, 2016 by Iron Mike

I’ve often said – the only reason Obama is still aliveis Joe Biden.
Hillary needs a Joe Biden shield
For 7½ years Joe – our National Village Idiot, – has had just one (1) job;  – stay alive so that no would-be assassin would ever think of shooting Obama….

Now it’s time for Hillary to pick her ‘running mate’…

Who’s out there so awful, – so stupid, – and so repugnant to all Americans that he or she would essentially guarantee that no would-be assassin would actually shoot the Hildabeast?

Squaw Michelle Idiot

Use the comments Folks,  name your suggestions….

I bet Scott Brown would JUMP at the chance….but he’s tall…

Not too tall



As it turned out, Hillary picked Little Timmy Kaine – the Virginia Retard!


3 Responses to “Who Will Be Hillary’s Joe Biden?”

  1. Vic

    The Ice Cream Man

  2. Vic

    no, wait…Barney Frank!

  3. Hawk1776

    Elizabeth Warren. She shouldn’t be a Senator much less Vice President. Can anyone imagine her as President? God help us.


    She has a loyal MoonBat following Hawk, – who see her as a ‘fighter for the middle class’ [despite her $350K / year Harvard salary]….

    Of course,…when you hear folks speaking about the ‘middle class’,….they’ve bought into the Democrat’s constant class warfare…..

    GOD HELP US is right! Way too many stupid voters…..