Who Torpedoed The MOL Comfort?

Posted June 23rd, 2013 by Iron Mike

Ships – even quickly-built Japanese ones – don’t just ‘break apart’ in calm seas… You didn’t hear this story from the mainstream propaganda outlets….
MOL Comfort

Comfort was laden with containers of arms for Syrian rebels… 

KEY QUESTIONS: MOL sections afloat

WHERE did the cargo come from? 

Who PAID for it? [Us…?] 

WHO stopped it.

The two sections are still afloat, – salvage ships en route.  Crew safe in lifeboats.

Some containers spilled into the sea,…floating…imagine if Somali pirates get them…?

UPDATE:  Aft section went down June 27th , some containers floating.
MOL Comfort aft section sinks

3 Responses to “Who Torpedoed The MOL Comfort?”

  1. Tom

    There are no coincidences!

  2. Walter Knight

    I doubt this overloaded cargo ship is packed with weapons bound for anywhere. This is how rumors get started. This news story sounds like a Clive Cussler novel, which I love to read.

    In the meantime, salvage crews and tugs are enroute to save the two floating parts.

  3. Casey Chapman

    There’s no such thing as coincidence. On the high seas, or on dry land. IF there are weapons on board, you can bet they’ll be gone before the official salvage crews get there.