Who Took Our Data-Base Charlie?

Posted August 10th, 2019 by Iron Mike

FULL DISCLOSURE:  Charlie Baker lied to my face back in 2014 – made a solemn promise he then repeatedly failed to keep.  So I’ll never trust the man – on anything.

Then as the titular head of the Mass Republican Party – he ran two corrupt State Conventions,  – and was sued in turn by Mark Fisher (2014) and Scott Lively (2018).  Now the MassGOP donor database has been stolen,  and access to it has been locked by a contractor,…and Baker remains mum?   We need answers!

The god-awful RiNO Kirsten Hughes (aka the Mouseketeer) resigned as Chair of the MassGOP last year after Charlie’s reelection.  GOOD RIDDANCE!  Baker found her a series of high-paying ‘jobs’ since – so now like any Democrat – she’s living well on the taxpayers…

Jim Lyons stunned Faker by winning the election to replace her,  – and rumors reach me that Baker has shunned him – tried to shut him out of things.

Sadly, Lyons may be too loyal and too much of a party man; – Faker’s face is still all over the MassGOP website – but there’s still no Republican message…

It may take years for all the moving parts of this story to reveal themselves,  and the lawyers will send their kids to the best schools on the fees generated…

But know this:

Baker is NOT a Republican!  At best he is a Weld-Romney RiNO Toady.  He is untrustworthy.  

His fund-raising buddy John Cook is in this up to his neck.

Baker has been like a CNN reporter, he’s spent these past 3 years bashing Trump – who has fulfilled all of his promises, – but suddenly our database is ‘missing’?

About half the members of the MassGOP State Committee – including the lesbian Vice-Chair Jeanne Kangas, – are in fact DEMOCRATS, – who have infiltrated to insure that Republicans remain an inept joke in our state.

Money donated blindly to the MassGOP will likely NOT help worthy Republican candidates. In years past it went to New Hampshire to help Mitt Romney,  – or it funded FAKE Republicans like Navy Seal Gomez.


ONLY give your money DIRECTLY to REAL Republicans – that you know and trust.  Beware of fakes!   Remember how ‘Navy SEAL’ suddenly turned anti-gun – AFTER he lost?

3 Responses to “Who Took Our Data-Base Charlie?”

  1. Clinton ma Tea party

    Mike where does Kaufman fit into this and where is the outrage from Dianna Ploss or State committee members? Where is Lively on this? Where is Deihl? The silence is deafening.
    Impeachment of The Governor Baker? Charlie has been doing bad things way back – Charlie wrote the Big dig financial plans, Thats why the states roads are full of holes and suck. Then there is the Harvard healthcare scandle. Troopergate. AJ gate, His son gets off no problem of touching something he shouldn’t have on a airplane. Many more. Stay tuned. Our local media says nothing about this major event.

  2. sad4magop

    Apparently the MA GOP had $9 million dollars to work with over the past 2 years with no gains whatsoever in elected officials. Now we know that they were spending all of the money on dinners and perks. And what of these people who raise the money not being on any payrolls? The FEC and OCPF should investigate.


    WORSE,…there are no REPUBLICAN messages or talking points on that lame MassGOP website.

    It looks like a shrine to Charlie FAKER and his Arm Candy.

  3. Joshua Norman

    Every day, and every way, I see yet another reason reinforcing why I voted for Mark Fisher in 2014 and Scott Lively in 2018.

    I only wish that the self-appointed “leaders” of the conservative movement in Massachusetts had not tried to gin us up to vote for Baker.