Who The Hell Is Kim Guadagno?

Posted November 7th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Kim GuadagnoIf you can’t answer – blame the National Media – aka the 
Progressive Propaganda Machine.

But you do know Chris Christie
and Terry McAuliffe?

Starting yesterday the media was all atwitter with projections about what Tuesday’s election results mean for the 2014 mid-terms and for who will replace Obama come November 2016.

So how come Ms. Guadagno was never mentioned?

Because the ‘Media’ is only telling you the story they want you to know.

McAuliffe and HillaryThey tell you  >just enough< information to make you think you know what’s going on in politics.

They were full of stories about the Clintons and Obama campaigning for Terry McAuliffe, – but they were careful to gloss over MaCauliffe’s many slimy business dealingsThey kept the focus on Hillary.

In the past 24 hours there have been numerous articles speculating a Christie-Hillary matchup in 2016.

Christie has been anointed the ‘new breed of moderate Republicans’,  – while Hillary is still their ‘smartest woman in the world’,  and the ‘answer to all women’s prayers’.

FabioHmmmm, seems not that long ago some guy named Fabio was that answer…

I think he ended up selling butter?

This morning Kim Guadagno should stick in your brain as PROOF that the media is giving you measured doses of ONLY the information they want you to know.
Christe with Guadagno

The first-ever LtGov of New Jersey, running for re-election – wasn’t worth mentioning?

Of course not – it wouldn’t have advanced the Christie-Hillary story line.

Why bother the peasants [aka sheeple] with facts? Christie was always going to win,…right? Did you even know who Christie was running against?

Buono SilvaFolks, the ‘Press’ these days is BOTH lazy and agenda-driven.  You cannot trust them on any story.

They want you kept as a low-information voter, and they’ll tell you “what you need to know”.  Sure they will!

If you give a flip, you’ll have to take the time to do some research yourself.

At RRB, we’ll try to help; – but we’re just two old guys, – and we can’t be everywhere.

And just for the record, Christie-Guadagno beat Buono-Silva.

Buono is a Jersey State Senator who ran a gay-issues heavy campaign with a progressive labor leader as her running mate. Yes, they were lightweights; but they never got a break – because the media wants Christie as the GOP candidate in 2016. He makes good soundbites….

Ever since the media unseated Nixon, – they believe they have a ‘duty’ to drive national events.

3 Responses to “Who The Hell Is Kim Guadagno?”

  1. Casey Chapman

    Reading this blog, and The Blaze are 2 things that I hope keep me from becoming a sheeple. I watch Glenn Beck online, listen to Rush and Jeff Keuhner and Jay Severin and Howie Carr as well. The mainstream media can go pound sand.

    Our own state “republican” party can pound sand, too.

  2. haddanuff

    Despite sharing the winning ticket in two gubernatorial contests, Guadagno is little-known to many New Jersey voters. She may be best – or worst – remembered for her role in a double-dipping scheme.

    As Monmouth County sheriff in 2008, Gaudagno made conflicting and misleading statements to enable a top aide to collect an $85,000 a year pension plus an $87,500 salary. The chain of events was first revealed by a New Jersey Watchdog investigation in 2010.

    The aide, Michael W. Donovan, collected $228,000 he otherwise would not have received from a state pension fund. He also avoided paying $17,000 in new contributions to the Police and Firemen’s Retirement System.

    The incident triggered an investigation in 2011 by the state Division of Criminal Justice. The probe was requested by the PFRS board of trustees.

    Despite a conflict of interest – Guadagno was DCJ’s former deputy director – Christie failed to appoint an independent investigator or prosecutor to handle the case.

    DCJ has refused to reveal the results of its investigation. A New Jersey Watchdog reporter is suing the state in Mercer County Superior Court for records of the probe.

    Guadagno recently broke her silence on the issue.

    “It saved the taxpayers of Monmouth County $50,000 for the year, put a uniformed officer on the street, put a well-qualified retired law enforcement officer in his place,” Guadagno told the Associated Press in a national wire story.

    In reality, the move may have cost taxpayers $77,000 a year – not including the expense to the pension system.

    John J. Cerrato had been sheriff’s officer chief at a salary of $141,687 a year. When Donovan was hired, Cerrato was demoted to sheriff’s officer captain – a new position with a $131,521 salary, according to payroll records.