Who Really Despises The Americans?

Posted May 13th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Wilson and FDR

Imagine Woodrow Wilson telling us ‘not to jump to conclusions’ after Pancho Villa’s raid on Columbus, New Mexico in 1916.  Suppose FDR had spent two weeks in December 1937 blaming the sinking of the USS Panay on a movie?  Or telling us ‘not to jump to conclusions’ on Dec 8th 1941…?

Do you understand how corrupt our current leaders and our ‘media’ are?

Nixon ResignsBy comparison, the Watergate scandal was nothing – an almost-harmless bungled political burglary.  NOBODY was killed.  In the end – threatened with impeachment, Nixon resigned.

OBAMA’S SCANDALS however – have killed people.


Terry and ZapataThe ATF’s gun-smuggling ‘sting’ sent hundreds, maybe thousands of AK47s – into the hands of Mexican drug cartels.  Over 50,000 Mexicans have been killed in their cartel wars.

It was SUPPOSED  to be a ruse – to create gunfire and bloodshed along our border – and become the excuse for the Obama-Clinton cartel to shut down gun stores.  It backfired – as do most liberal schemes. What has the news had to say?



Obama cheered the so-called ‘Arab Spring’ – totally ignoring that it was backed in large part by the Muslim Brotherhood and al Qaeda.  The risks were many – huge stockpiles of modern weapons falling into evil hands,  – threats to Egypt’s Coptic Christians and Israel,  – blockade of the Suez,  toppling of friendly and neutral governments….

By dithering and delaying,  Obama helped the worst elements of the MB and al Qaeda achieve power, – grab weapons, and begin the extermination of the Copts.

AND, he set the stage for the Benghazi Massacre!


Any Army 2LT with a cursory background in military intelligence [i.e. SecDEF Leon Panetta] could have / SHOULD HAVE predicted bad things to happen in the 9th month11th year after 9/11. Duh!

Stevens bodyBut ~ somehow ~ US Libyan Ambassador Chris Stevens [a gay man assigned to a Muslim country?] was left isolated in a sea of competing terrorist groups – with no US forces anywhere near?  When captured he was sodomized, killed, and sodomized again.

AND instantly – the Obama White House and the Clinton State Department blamed it all on a YouTube video that nobody had seen?!?!   HOW did the WH and State even KNOW about this video?

YET TO BE ANSWERED is what was going on in Benghazi, and why was Stevens there

Was this another Fast & Furious – on a GIANT SCALE?

BOTH the Clintons and Obama have a history of covering their track with murder.  You’re to believe this was a mob reaction – to a videonobody in Libya had seen?

do Obama and Clinton think we are?

They never gave it a thought!  Why should they – they OWN the media!
Nides and Moseley
Virginia Mosley was ABC News Prez – now CNN News Chief married to Clinton’s Deputy SecState Tom Nides.

This sordid tale has too many layers to go into here. 

BOTH Obama and Hillary have surrounded themselves with willing traitors – ambitious and agenda-driven people who will eagerly sell out our country – and our allies – for both personal power and the dream of a world utopian society under UN rule.
Rhodes Brothers

Their friends and relatives in the media are helping all they can.  They all think most of you are dumb enough / disinterested enough to fall for it – or just continue to ignore it.I only lied this much

The re-election of Obama
– just 55 days after Benghazi –
is proof enough for them
that most Americans just don’t care. 

Now all efforts are to shield Hillary from any fallout or blowback.

SUDDENLY,…we somehow learn that the IRS was targeting conservatives, Jews, and the TEA Parties during 2011 and 2012

It’s awful, illegal, and probably criminal, – but again – nobody killed.  Is Obama calculating that the ‘press’ will grab this new story, – and forget Benghazi?

Is he willing to fling tax collectors under the bus to protect his cartel from Benghazi?

Will you go along with them?  Don’t ‘jump to conclusions’….
And remember:  there are Democrats out there – mostly womenwho would still vote for Hillary – even if they’d seen a video of her killing Chris Stevens!  They are THAT determined to have a woman president.

3 Responses to “Who Really Despises The Americans?”

  1. Tom

    There is nothing to see here. Obama distances himself from all controversy. He reads about it in the news just like us. In fact, he is not even presidential, or in charge, just a bystander. He is a serial, pathological liar who will throw anyone under the bus to protect the cartel to perpetuate his socialist, Marxist agenda.

  2. Casey Chapman

    The newsflash about the IRS was just crumbs at the table. Meant to keep us from looking deeper into the matter. Also, they want this story to distract us from the ambassador’s death, as well as the other staff members, who died so the regime could continue to run guns to the Muslim Brotherhood rebels in Syria through Turkey. The whole thing is disgusting to those of us who still believe in the Constitution.
    We need to stay OUT of Syria. We need to carpet bomb Iran.

  3. Sam Adams

    If the Republicans don’t start writing Articles of Impeachment now, then we’re hopelessly sitting ducks for the fastest Marxist/communist takeover of a free country ever.