Who PAID For Your Trip Josh Degen?

Posted July 14th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Josh went to Washington, – and he saw something he didn’t like!

Was he there on the Taxpayer’s Dime,  – or did he pay for his own trip?

At RRB we have almost no problem with emphatic public expression of political views,  – unless you are disrupting a religious event like a wedding or a funeral.

Of course, when public officials and public employees travel on official business,  – a certain decorum and restraint are expected by the taxpayers…

So we were curious – and checked City-Data back a number of years….

We were unable to find a single year that Josh put any of his MONEY where his beliefs are….we couldn’t find where he donated to ANY candidate or cause…

He did join the Nashoba Chamber of Commerce in 2014,  

– and quit a month later when he found out that a pipeline company was ALSO a member….

Well,  – it is cheaper to throw fingers than pay Chamber dues or write checks to candidates,  – right Josh?

8 Responses to “Who PAID For Your Trip Josh Degen?”

  1. Jeffrey Wallens

    Not defending the photo, but Degen has contributed both time and money to the restoration of a Jewish cemetery in Poland, and the Williams Barn project involving historical preservation in Groton.


    What he did in Poland was nice – even commendable.

    What has he done for Fitchburg, Shirley, Ayer, Lowell, or Worcester. What’s he done to make AMERICA great again?

  2. jim morose

    Well if Groton is a town that has adopted the ” Groton is no place for hate” then I guess he needs to move to a town that welcomes haters.

  3. Mt Woman

    Hey Degen, I’m sick of arrogant and self-absorbed elitist like you who think you own the corner on what’s good and righteous in the world. Maybe if Trump’s presidency is not good enough for you, you should consider heading to Poland and hope that Putin doesn’t move to confiscate land to rekindle the former USSR.

  4. Vic

    Just think, if this were two years ago we could call him a racist for flipping off the White House.

  5. Josh Degen

    I traveled on my on to Washington. I paid for my trip myself. I have contributed to both Republican and Democratic candidates on both the state and federal levels. I am an unenrolled voter who chooses to vote for the best candidate to fit the position regardless of their affiliation. My actions are my own. I represent myself and any elected capacity that I hold does not usurp my rights of freedom of expression. Donald Trump represents so many bad things. His actions are deplorable in my mind. I do respect the Office of the President however the individual that currently occupies that office has no place in my life. I stated what I felt and hold no remorse for my actions. Do you really expect that I do? I posted that photo so everyone could see how I feel about this man and his narcissistic agenda. If it offends anyone well either get over it, respect my position or vote against me should I run for elected office in the future. I have always represened all within Groton regardless of political party or beliefs and shall continue to do so.

  6. Amy Degen

    I am absolutely shocked at the attacks to Josh and my family. My children live in Washington D.C. We paid for our plane tickets ourselves. Josh has donated ENDLESS time and equipment to projects in Groton including the Williams Barn where people enjoy the farmers market. Where is the outrage of our President putting children in cages? This is really pathetic. If you don’t like Josh, then don’t vote for him. To attack him when he is deeply concerned about the direction this Country shows that you are in denial of how dangerous our President is. BTW, to make accusations without facts is frightening.


    NOBODY ‘attacked’ you or your children Ma’am, – suggest you not try to widen the strike zone.

    YOUR husband chose to PUBLISH his finger-flipping photo, – thus the consequences are HIS ALONE.


    As for the DIRECTION of our country….

    ….lowest unemployment in decades….

    ….lowest Black unemployment ever…..

    ….lowest Hispanic unemployment ever…..

    Didn’t they tell you that on CNN…?

  7. Hunter556

    Disagree with me…..hold on let me find my wife.


    I’m willing to give him the benefit of the doubt….and assumed that the Mrs chimed in totally on her own.

    They do seem to be birds of a feather….

  8. Sharon Mayer

    THIS IS DISGUSTING! YOU do NOT represent Groton Mr.Degan and I want this publicized ALL over our town. YOU are entitled to an opinion, but as an elected official, YOU are expected to act accordingly. Obviously, you are a two-faced liar. “ALL ARE WELCOME” Unless Josh Degan disagrees with you, then you’re an “A-hole”….