Who Is Writing Obama’s ‘Executive Orders’?

Posted January 2nd, 2016 by Iron Mike

Even as Texas begins to allow open carry,  Obama is about to meet with Attorney General Loretta Lynch – looking for any even quasi-legal Executive Orders he can sign to restrict gun sales and gun ownership.  Does he have a list provided by Michael Bloomberg?
Obama hearing Bloomberg's voice
Bloomberg must be smoldering over Texas, – even as he brags to allies that his efforts have killed campus-carry laws in 14 of 16 states….

Bloomberg gun-phobic

Like many first-generation Jewish-Americans,   Bloomberg is an ?ber-liberal who has never had to face the personal consequences of stupid liberal laws.  Money has insulated him;  – he opposes both guns and the Death Penalty.

Bloomberg holds an AR

There’s no hypocrite like a $37,000,000,000.oo hypocrite.

Bloomberg spent his weekends away – on the safe island of Bermuda – during the 12 years he was Mayor of New York – even as he was trying to influence anti-gun laws and buy anti-gun lawmakers.

Bloomberg's Bermuda Love Shack

Today, – thanks to those $37 Billion, – he has Obama’s ear.  He has essentially written the ‘Executive Orders’ he wants Obama to sign.

Don’t expect any pushback from Hillary, Sanders or O’Malley,….socialists prefer their subjects unarmed and helpless.

Are Bloomberg’s gun-loathing fears rational?

NYC Killings

How many people were killed in NY City – by ARs – during the 12 years he was mayor, – when his chief fear seemed to be 16 oz soft-drink cups in fast-food restaurants…?

NYC  Guns or race

Are ARs the weapon of choice for New York’s street thugs and gang-bangers?

NY City shootings vs deaths

Did Bloomberg ever look for a coloration between GIANT SODAS and Gun Deaths?

Maybe those giant sodas were deadly…?

Bloomberg  Jewish Nanny

7 Responses to “Who Is Writing Obama’s ‘Executive Orders’?”

  1. panther6

    Bloomberg is a true turkey. He may be influencing the WH but he has plenty of company within those walls to help push his agenda. I suspect Val Jarrett has a hand in all this as well. The next year will be interesting.

  2. Tom Gilroy

    Those scary “Assault Rifles” are no different than any other semi automatic rifle. The only real difference is the configuration of the stock, barrel and the pistol grip. It fire at just about the same rate, but they are much lighter. Ther are used for hunting varmits and larger game as well as target shooting. The economic impact of this Executive Order/Action must be measured. Our Second Amendment Rights must not be infringed. The Congress must act because we cannot depend on the liberal courts.

  3. Varvara

    The former mayor of NYC always traveled with 4 very armed guards. Two in front and two in back. They worked in shifts, a total of 8 security guards. What was he afraid of? The last breakdown of homicides concluded that 54% were not done with guns. Imagine that! Hammers, baseball bats, hockey sticks, machetes and hatchets.

  4. Marc

    Based upon the data presented, gun violence in NYC would be immediately reduced by a whopping 95 percent if you could find a way to get the blacks and hispanics to move elsewhere.

  5. Jim Gettens

    I’ve already advised ‘private sellers’ to ignore any purported Barack HUSSEIN Obama so-called ‘Executive Order(s)’ which may purport to govern private firearms sales. Federal statutes already define what a firearm ‘dealer’ is, and ZERO is powerless to change that definition. I can see the NRA challenging in Federal court portions of ZERO’s new Executive Order(s) ASAP.

    Here’s a recommendation for 2016–commit every violation of federal regulations you think you can get away with!

  6. Hawk1776

    Have you noticed that Obama delayed implementing sanctions against Iran over its missile program? I guess he’d rather implement sanctions against honest Americans. How could this have happened to the US?

    Whatever you do, whomever us the candidate, vote Republican in the next election.

  7. Jim Gettens

    From Boston Herald Columnist Howie Carr–“2016 Resolution? Stock up on Guns!” See: http://www.bostonherald.com/news/columnists/howie_carr/2016/01/carr_2016_resolution_stock_up_on_guns