Who Is The COWBOY Now?

Posted August 30th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Who's The Cowboy

5 Responses to “Who Is The COWBOY Now?”

  1. Tom

    Where is the gutless Congress and their Speaker Boehner? Should Obama unilaterally attack Syria, this is an act of war, that is not covered under The War Powers Act, and in accordance with separation of powers must be authorized by the Congress. Syria has missile defense, an air force, offensive missiles and a formidable military that has been trained and supplied by the Russians and also the Iranians. This potential powder keg could be the catalyst for WW III.

  2. MC

    After 30 months isn’t it ironic that this strike is planned while Congress isn’t in “town”, and why haven’t they turned around and returned, especially when so much could be at stake. Why this imposter of a President is still in office… comparing what he has done to what Nixon was impeached for………………….! It is way past time for Term Limits.

  3. Hawk1776

    Obama criticized Bush for invading Iraq. Joe “Dumb Bunny” Biden threatened to impeach Bush for invading Iraq. John “Mr Secretary” was for invading Iraq before he was against it. Bush formed a coalition to invade Iraq. Obama has no such coalition.

    If we strike Syria, what’s the end game? There are two parties involved, Assad and Al Qaeda. Which one should we support? I vote for neither. Let them kill each other off and we’ll negotiate with whomever is left.

  4. Casey Chapman

    I suggest we all send the Dear Leader plastic kiddie cowboy hats. To remind him of how we really feel.

  5. Kojack

    The narcistic, Islamic Marxist community organizer feels compelled to make a token gesture of enforcing the red line he drew last year because he couldn’t keep his big mouth shut and he sees this as an opportunity to assist the Muslim Brotherhood in extending their power and influence.