Who Is Janet Napolitano Working For?

Posted October 27th, 2011 by Iron Mike

  When does
abject dereliction of duty
become TREASON?


Somebody can’t do a job THIS POORLY ~ unless…they’re screwing up ON PURPOSE!

Which government is Janet Napolitano working for; – ours, – Mexico, – or some socialist vision of ‘world government’?


Add the facts: Fails to secure our border + fails to help states deport illegals + assists in lawsuits against states protecting themselves + fails to question Holder when Fast & Furious AK-47 kills her border agent + TSA agents out of control + stonewalls Congress.

Per her testimony yesterday to Congressman Daryl Issa, she has yet to talk directly to Attorney General Eric Holder about the Fast & Furious gunrunner program which ended up killing HER agent Brian Terry.

She’s had over 10 months!!!??!!??


Janet, what are you doing with your time? How damned busy can you be when your clearly NOT guarding our border and NOT deporting illegals?

Per YOUR orders Agent Terry was armed with beanbag rounds – against cartel thugs armed with AK-47s firing 124 grain 7.62 bullets. Who’s side are you on?

Do you consider Brian to be just ‘collateral damage’ in your attempts to create Meximerica?

Yesterday we learn that ON YOUR ORDERS – jailed illegals are being handed COMPLAINT FORMS – in 6 languages – in case they are ‘mistreated’ while in custody? WHAT ARE YOUR PRIORITIES?

Last week Alabama uncovered another illegal alien rapist – of a child under 12. Juan Vargas is from Guatemala. Why were you making him feel welcome here?

Ms. Napolitano, your actions are so despicable and so foul that it is difficult for me to restrain my language here. Please just resign.

   /s/ Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!


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  1. Timothy Roesch

    There will be a Civil War soon.