WHO Is Dividing Our Nation THIS Time?

Posted October 9th, 2018 by Iron Mike

The reaction to Trump’s election, the rise of the violent AntiFA mobs, and the orchestrated outrage at Justice Kavanaugh’s Confirmation has once again divided Americans along social and political lines. Who gains?  Who profits?

This is hardly the first time the Democrat party and their evil leaders – aided by the media,  – have tried to divide us to further their agenda.  Too bad we no longer teach History in our public schools….but that is by design.

What most Americans understand is that Trump is undoing the damage brought about by 8 years of the Obama Thugocracy.

What most don’t FULLY appreciate is that except for the Reagan years,  America has been run since 1977 by a series of left-leaning globalists whose collective world vision placed American interests as secondary – at best.   Obama was the worst, – he wanted to punish Americans, – and still does!

The History of the Democrat Party – founded to preserve slavery from the Abolitionist Movement growing in churches across the Northern States,  is a shameful willingness to pit one group against another.

If Democrats rejoiced at Roger Tanny’s 1857 Supreme Court Decision,  – they would soon learned about the unintended consequences of inflaming their youth.

When the cadets of the Citadel (college kids) opened fire on the Star of the West,  – they touched off America’s bloodiest war,…which all but destroyed the South for several generations.  It was the ongoing saga of unintended consequenceswhich Democrats never seem to understand.

Another divisive Democrat (Progressive) attempt at social engineering was the Temperance Movement – a clever attempt to blame all of our social ills on “Demon Rum”. 

It took the mostly women-led movement nearly 70 years to achieve their goal – the 18th Amendment,….but it only took America a short 15 years to grasp what a terrible blunder it had been.

Americans didn’t stop drinking,  – they just drank beer, whiskey, and rum smuggled by the Mafia (and Joe Kennedy) into speakeasies;  – and the Mafia used their profits to bribe politicians, cops and judges.  Once again Democrats and Progressives had failed to anticipate the consequences of creating a vacuum.

The growth of the Democrat-led isolationist movement following World War One (the “War to End All Wars”) caused Americans to reduce military and naval spending to an unacceptable level.  It was essentially token spending,  as we ignored growing threats in Italy, Japan, and Germany.

Thus the Japanese High Command felt confident they could take out our navy with one massive surprise attack – just as they’d done with the Czar’s Pacific Fleet in 1904.

World War Two would cost us 407,000 dead – and we got off comparatively easy.

But again,  Democrats – led in large part by that racist President Harry Truman – who had an unnatural hatred or loathing for all things oriental,  – chose to ignore the rising power of Mao’s Red Army in China – so he abandoned the Nationalists,  the French in Vietnam,  and the Koreans.

Mao would murder or starve some 60,000,000 Chinese,  while becoming a nuclear power,  – but the American Democrat Party seems more concerned that Trump not impose tariffs on Chinese made goods.

Korea would cost us 36,000 dead and Vietnam would cost us 58,000 dead,  and leave Americans divided until the Gulf War.

In 1980 – fed-up Americans,  humiliated by Carter’s mishandling of events in Iran,  threw him to the curb unceremoniously, – and elected Ronald Reagan to restore order – at home and abroad.  Things did get better….

But the growing pressure of the Progressive Movement (essentially Communism is a soft pink wrapper) brought in Slick Willie to screw interns in the Oval Office in ’93.  Even an impeachment wasn’t enough to embarrass or silence him, – or his evil wife.

For these past 20 months,  – all Democrats in Congress can talk about is keeping Robert Mueller’s team looking for any dirt at all (Russian or taxes) on Trump – so they can impeach him.

Since very few of them have actually read our Constitution,  the details in Article I, § 3, Para 6 are foreign to them.  Some of them think the 25th Amendment might be quicker and easier.

In the vain hope that the November 2018 mid-term elections magically changing the balance of power on BOTH the House and the Senate,  they’ve been playing for time – to prevent Trump from fulfilling his campaign promise to STACK the COURTS with Conservative / Constitutional Judges.

And to set the stage,  aided by Soros money,  and the Media (their Propaganda Ministry) – they have tried desperately to churn up Trump hatred among young people.

Funny,  but just 3 years ago young people graduating College – couldn’t find JOBS.  Today unemployment is at 3.7%,  – lowest since Nixon was in office.

The only college grads who still can’t find work are those with degrees in Gender Studies – who also have pink hair and nose rings….

American voters need to understand that since the days of Slavery – the Democrat party has ALWAYS stood against the American Ideals of FREEDOM and Individual Responsibility.

The whole con job of ‘Saving the Planet’,  ‘Free Medical Care’‘Responsible Gun Laws’,  and ‘Free College’ is really just a slick way of selling the stupid people (sheeple) into SLAVERY!


3 Responses to “WHO Is Dividing Our Nation THIS Time?”

  1. Panther 6

    Great summary here by Iron Mike. The current state of affairs is dismal and under the guiding hand (behind the scenes of SOROS and BHO via OFA) it is only getting worse. A real thrashing at the polls on 6 NOV would allow Mr Trump to continue house cleaning rolling back the totally out of the mainstream decisions made during Mr. Obama’s 8 years in office. It is hard, even for The Donald, to immediately fix the problems with our military that eight years of Barack Hussien Obama created.

  2. Kojack

    I love the irony of Sarsour protesting for woman’s “rights” while wearing her CULT’S symbol of subjugation.

  3. hddan

    On January 10, 1963 a speech was read on the United States Senate floor stating the Communist objectives in the United States. Please Google and read this speech because it explains exactly how the left has taken over. They control our schools, they control our news media, they brainwash our children, they want to disarm us and leave us defenseless, they want to control our businesses through global warming regulations, etc. Most Americans go through life not paying any attention to what is going on. A week before an election, they will watch a few campaign commercials and vote for the most telegenic candidate with the sharpest wardrobe and grooming. We MUST keep control of the House and Senate next month. OUR President will probably get to replace at least two more of the Supreme Court Justices within the next two to six years. That would severely dampen the left’s creeping incrementalism.