Who In California Is Stuck On STUPID?

Posted November 12th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Is it their lame-duck Governor Moonbeam?  Or the voters who elected him – then THREE TIMES re-elected him?   30 known DEAD in these recent fires,  – 200+ people missing….and he’s blaming CLIMATE CHANGE?

Brown is finishing his 16th YEAR as Governor,  surely California VOTERS were keenly aware how out-of-touch he is,  – and how unprepared he’d made the state as he pursued his 21st Century Socialist Agenda…?  Look in the MIRROR California Democrats!

2 Responses to “Who In California Is Stuck On STUPID?”

  1. GreenBeretLTC

    My concern is the colloquialism as California goes, so goes the nation….

    My fear is for my children and theirs, and so on….

    My consolation is I’m into my seventh decade and headed toward that final river crossing….

  2. Mt Woman

    Previews of coming attractions. When I think of the results of last week’s elections, MA voters are STUPID! They see what they want and vote ,”D” regardless. We too will soon become Calif and in a hopeless situation.