Who Are America’s WORST Enemies?

Posted April 16th, 2019 by Iron Mike

With just 17 months before the next election, it is vital to our survival that you who read RRB do your part to awaken and inform America’s vast herds of stupid and deliberately ignorant voters, – because our Young Republic is at a Tipping Point.

Too many Americans seem willing – even eager – to vote away their God-Given rights and freedoms.  They don’t know History and thus don’t see the THREATS:



Despite two World Wars, a Great Depression, Korea, Vietnam, the Cold War, Terrorism, and the Middle East Wars,…99% of Americans alive today feel safe and immune from dangers.

Many feel that ‘Climate Change’ is a dire looming menace,  – thus proving just how effective Democrat charlatans have been in brainwashing our young people.

The REALLY IGNORANT ONES think the NRA sells guns to mass murderers…and have no clue how our Religious Founders envisioned Liberty and used their Guns to secure our freedom…
…because UNION TEACHERS no longer teach those lessons.

THE INSIDERS: They may number no more than 5 or 6,000 – the key cadres of the Democrat / Socialist Party.  They are the ones who decide on the slogans, the false issues and false flag attacks, and understand it is all about them being in absolute control, – getting rich, and using Taxpayer Money to do it. They are truly evil.

THE KLINGONS: These probably number 1 to 200,000 – the staffers and the small town political leaders across the land,  – each hoping to make it to the inner circle, – but content for the moment to be photographed with the Insiders…  They are merely soulless and corrupt…

UNION SCHOOL TEACHERS:   Even worse than pedophile priests,  for the past 40 to 60 years teaching has attracted those unwilling to strive in a competitive industry, – and think it far easier and “more rewarding” (early retirements with comfy pensions) to brainwash gullible kids into believing they can vote themselves into a better world – without investing sweat.

These are the Devils Disciples teaching Climate Change and Globalism, – but NOT TEACHING US History, World History, – or even allowing prayer in their classrooms or football fields.

Its been going on so long that many teaching in 2019 actually don’t know the History themselves.

By daily preaching that “all people and all cultures are equal and worthy of respect and inclusion”….they have set up two generations of young Americans to eagerly embrace the very enemies who will enslave and / or kill them.

THE MEDIA:  Young people today don’t go into Journalism to become great reporters and uncover government corruption;  – they go into journalism to become famous, to be seen on TV, and to “Change the World” by influencing public perceptions about issues and events.  In other words, they choose to become professional liars, – part of the Democrat Party’s Propaganda Ministry.

THE SHEEPLE:   Many Americans – mostly the low-producers and non-producers pay ZERO attention to the news or politics, but will watch The View, Judge Judy, and Steve Harvey every day. They exist in a parallel world, and Democrats count on their votes every two years….



Everything you ever needed to know about the followers of Muhammad you should have learned at the Marine Barracks, on 9/11, at Fort Hood, in San Bernardino, in Chattanooga, the Pulse nightclub, – or last week at the Mall of America.

Islam is NOT “…one of the World’s Great Religions”!

It is a CULT of male domination,  which encourages (demands) murder, genocide, slavery, female genital mutilation,  – and which instructs followers to LIE (Taqiyya) to non-believers in order to trick them long enough that they can be killed.

In the end when Muslims have taken over your country or your culture,  you are given three (3) options:  convert, – pay the Jizya (head tax), – or be slaughtered.

American public schools aren’t teaching these facts!



The Chinese under the Communists killed at least 60,000,000 of their own unarmed people during the last half of the 20th Century,  – mostly by starving them to death.   Many resorted to cannibalism.  Your union teachers never mention it!

The rapid industrial and scientific development of China since Mao completed his conquest in 1949 is truly remarkable.  Of course Americans helped – with every Happy Meal we bought.

China has VERY ambitious goals for these next 30 years – to become the World’s DOMINATE Economic and Military Power!

They are looking at the vast reaches of the US and Canada as future agricultural vassal states – where only enough people will be allowed to live to keep the farms and ranches working.

Those mega-cities full of unproductive EBT cardholders will meet the exact same fate as those unwanted Chinese in the 1950s and 60s.  Why feed unproductive ghetto mouths?

Once emptied, the cities will be reduced and stripped for salvageable recyclable raw materials.

And if Trump can’t get the Wall built – the new Chinese Masters will!

BTW, all those nice Chinese families who have moved into your communities,  – particularly near colleges,….do you think they’re here for the economic advantages, – and to have two children…?



Americans have been systematically lied to – told that Mexicans and Central American peoples are gentle, peaceful, hard-working, and just want a better life. “They’re just like us – except they speak Spanish…”.

As always, every GREAT LIE is built around a grain of truth!

What our treasonous politicians and media refuse to discuss is how the peoples of Mexico and Central America – even Western South America – are genetically and culturally different from Western Europeans and Americans….

They are the descendants (the survivors) of ruthlessly brutal and savage ancient civilizations which practiced ritual warfare and ritual human sacrifice for thousands of years….

Those who rebelled,…were ‘sacrificed’ – their gene pool bled into the soil….

Thus we see in both the Mexican drug cartels and in gangs like MS-13 and Barrio 18 the kind of savagery once thought to be only fiction.

But you’re continually told that they’re coming as victims of oppressive regimes and just looking for a better life….

…as they fly their own national flags,  and DEMAND street signs in Spanish, and ballots printed in Spanish….

If you haven’t heard of La Raza and Aztlan – you’ve either been lied to – or worse – you were ignoring what was right in front of you.

The greatest danger we face by absorbing continued hordes of Spanish-speaking peasants from the south is that certain states like California, Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas will become dominated by the La Raza voters,  and America will become weakened at the EXACT TIME the Chinese are making their move of conquest.



For 27 months now – you’ve been told that the greatest threat “to our Democracy” was Putin and the Russians colluding with Trump….

Why would it be in the interest of the Democrat Cadres to distract Americans from the REAL DANGERS?

3 Responses to “Who Are America’s WORST Enemies?”

  1. Leonard Mead


    Almost too much to respond to.
    Re-writing of history taught to kids, covering up horrors of history hidden from all, corrupted media now “changing the world” by “interpreting” the news instead of reporting it, Mexicans re-cast as educated workers just wanting better lives compared to what they are, uneducated, primitive individuals looking for freedom to get handouts in America compared to the millions of skilled LEGAL applicants wanting to come here to “Make America Great” and China in the wings continuing to steal our technology with impunity and then dominate the world.

    Who stands against this?
    Trump and Conservatives who actually have learned how America’s freedom as a REPUBLIC was founded.
    Tea Party Patriots.

    So conservatives — speak out, support conservative candidates, send money, confront democrats pointing out how they stand for NOTHING except their own POWER to tax and control everyone.

    Have fun doing it — cause if you can’t take the insults and shouts of “A**Hole — GO HOME — Racist, Heartless BUM — etc, DON’T GO. Stay home while our enemies come for you later.

    Len Mead,
    Unwashed Conservative

  2. Kojack

    Just for the helluvit last night I watched the Bernie Sanders Town Hall on FNC. It was painfully obvious to me HE WAS HYPOCRITICAL AND LYING THRU HIS TEETH BUT THE AUDIENCE WAS RABIDLY ENTHUSIASTIC.


    Can’t those MORONS see what’s going on in Venezuela?!?!?

    I saw a comparison between the millennials here in the USA and in Israel on FOX. Here 28% of them voted for Trump but in Israel 65% of them voted for Bebe Netanyahu. I think it’s already too late for them.


    Trump can only do so much by himself…..

    Without massive help from MILLIONS of US – things will fall apart and we’ll be in the middle of another civil war….

  3. Kojack

    I think a civil war is coming due to the ignorance of the dumned-down youth and older lib-TURDs. It may happen after we’re dead or the country may split as in Kurt Schlichter’s book, ‘People’s Republic’. The longer it takes, the more severe it will be. I hope I’m wrong but I don’t see any compromise or epiphanies on their side.




    Pretty much Kojack,…..

    The weak and the crybabies DEMAND that GOVERNMENT give them a comfortable worry-free life, complete with participation trophies.

    If only there were money trees, – and people were willing to be their slaves…

    “Free Health Care for ALL” – means everybody in the medical profession is in slavery to the government….

    And in time,…the GOVERNMENT will decree that BLIND PEOPLE have a ‘right’ to attend medical school and become surgeons….and the left-wing courts will say “of course!”