Who Admitted These Idiots To Ohio State?

Posted October 23rd, 2012 by Iron Mike

Some of OSU‘s ‘finest‘ prove that colleges have become factories for processing mediocrity by wringing tuition money out of them and issuing forth walking vacuums with sheepskins.

Not only do they vote, but they breed!
Undergraduate Admissions:    (614) 292-3980  askabuckeye@osu.edu
Student Academic Services Building, 281 West Lane Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43210

4 Responses to “Who Admitted These Idiots To Ohio State?”

  1. Tom

    I have three words. “Brains of Mush” and three more: “God help us”.

  2. TeaTime

    The saddest part – these are OUR KIDS! We let this happen.


    This clip is of OHIO UNIVERSITY, yet the contact info listed is for The Ohio State University. Who let you blog?!

  4. Walter Knight

    Is Benghazi where all my free stuff went to?