White Squaw Piss’um Off Black Voters!

Posted November 23rd, 2019 by Iron Mike

2020 will be a rough year for lying Democrats,  – their old time reliable Pavlovian voting blocks are on to their lies and tricks.

Holding a rally in Atlanta after those disastrous Democrat ‘debates’,  – the Fake Cherokee was pandering to Teacher Unions by bashing Charter Schools.  She was oblivious to the big crowd of angry Charter School Moms in her audience.

Many inner-city parents – particularly Black and Hispanic parents,  have wised up to what 40+ years of AA/EEO Union-dominated public schools have done to their kids…

.turned their daughters into unwed teenage mothers,…

…and their sons into prison inmates,

while those union teachers retire with comfortable government pensions and lifetime medical benefits…

Trump is the first president in the last 100 years to begin to challenge and break that vicious cycle, – and many Black parents are angered watching the Democrats focus on impeaching him…

…which would leave their kids stuck in the evil vortex.

In this exchange following the disrupted rally, Sarah Carpenter of the Powerful Parents Network expresses her anger at the system to Warren,  – who promptly tells her a lie – that ‘her kids went to public schools’

AND THERE YOU HAVE IT!   Warren would rather LIE to a Black Mother,  – than risk angering her OTHER Pavlovian voter base – union teachers….

Warren’s kids went to expensive private schools….

Frankly,  it’s Democrat racism on full display:   Warren believes this middle-age Black grandmother is too poorly educated,  too out of touch,  – to understand how the Party works, 

and that she can brush off Sarah’s concerns with a lie…

NOTE how easily and smoothly Warren lied….totally unrehearsed!

This video will sadden thinking Americans, – because it shows how completely fooled (snookered) many Democrats – including Atlanta’s Black Democrats are by both the Democrat Party and by professional politicians like Biden and Warren.

They will continue – generation-after-generation – to vote for their enslavers.

If 8 long years of being used and ignored by Obama didn’t teach them anything,  what will?

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