White House Chef Sam Kass QUITS!

Posted January 1st, 2015 by Iron Mike

BREAKING! Personal Chef to the Obamas since 2005, – White House Chef since Jan 2009, – Sam Kass has quit over Queen Michelle’s abusive behavior. Sam Kass  Michelle Obama He’s loyal, played golf with Obama, – – probably won’t write a book,…at first…. Seems the Queen sent one too many meals back to the kitchen…with a snarly comment.

Hey Josh Ernest, – spin this!

BREAKING! Thurs 8 Jan 2015   Sam’s replacement announced: …because eating vegetables is SO much more important for our kids than what they learn in school, – Queen Michelle has hired another fresh fruit and vegetable servant. What on earth did school kids ever eat – even grow up, – before Michelle Obama came along to save them? Debra Eschmeyer

4 Responses to “White House Chef Sam Kass QUITS!”

  1. Mark

    Cook IT yourself BITCH! Fuck yeah!

  2. Tom Gilroy

    Chef Sam say Kiss my Kass! With all he has seen they probably forced him to sign a Non Disclosure Agreement.

  3. Hawk1776

    Given the menus she provided to schools, who can blame him? No one needs a chef to make a salad.

  4. KarenG

    Dear Sam,
    Your work for Michelle’s Lets Move campaign, including your assistance in developing “healthier” lunches for (public) school kids has been a complete and utter failure. Thanks alot, and bye bye…