White Girl May Cost Blacks Their Jobs

Posted July 6th, 2020 by Iron Mike

A Left-Coast Liberal girl stirs up trouble in Cambridge.

She may be able to walk away after the Shit hits the Fan,  – but what about her co-workers…?  Where do they get their next job?  This pretty troublemaker may be on Soros’ payroll….

A couple of points Savannah:

The folks most likely to respond to your BOYCOTT are poor Blacks and the Campus Klingons of Cambridge….

But Whole Foods isn’t dependent upon the Black EBT business…

…and many of the Campus Klingons are at home, – about to start their fall semester on line from Mommy’s basement…

And for many others in Cambridge, Whole Foods is the only food store around…

SO,…if your boycott works – even enough to hurt,…Bezos may decide to close the store entirely. Your co-workers will all be out of jobs – and have BOYCOTT TROUBLEMAKER on their résumés….

SMALL POINT OF INTEREST:    Savannah,  were you aware you are named after one of the busiest slave-trading ports of the Old South?

So much actual History this modern generation of Know-it-ALLs have never been told about.

One Response to “White Girl May Cost Blacks Their Jobs”

  1. Kojack

    I hope someday these USEFUL IDIOTS find out the extent to which they were used.