Whistleblowers, Smokescreens, and Woodchippers

Posted May 14th, 2013 by Iron Mike

ArroganceThe downfall of the
most arrogant president in US History.

Of course it was going to happen, – the only question was when. Remember the old adage:  “Whom the Gods would destroy, – they shall first elevate!” 

Benghazi was meant to guarantee Obama’s re-election.  Slowly, ever so slowly, – it is proving the undoing of his administration – and of his sycophants in the media.

It took just 3 whistleblowers to bring on the smokescreens.  Soon we’ll hear the awful screams as the White House woodchippers begin to eliminate evidence and witnesses. 

Like the overly-ambitious ObamaCare law, – Benghazi is proving to be an unstoppable train wreck.  Blaming Republicans won’t work much longer.


We don’t know – we can just guess from the circumstantial evidence.
Map of Libya
GaddafiQaddafi’s stockpile of weapons!  Muammar Qaddafi [aka Gaddafi] used his oil billions to amass a huge stockpile of modern soviet weaponry.  He had way more guns than loyal troops. 

The most likely explanation for the entire Benghazi operation was a massive arms smuggling operation to get weapons into the hands of anti-Assad fighters in Syria.

SEVERAL PROBLEMS:  The ‘fighters‘ were increasingly al Qaeda,…who pose a long-term threat to the Saudi Arabian monarchy.  

The only sneaky operations Democrats can routinely pull off is stuffing ballot boxes and stuffing bills with goodies for their union supporters.  They’re mostly inept bumblers around weapons. 

They routinely underestimate their own support and the opposing forces.


With the Libyan Civil War just recently over – it is unfathomable to me why we didn’t have a quick reaction force either in-country, or afloat nearby.  The lack of a robust [500-man] reaction force – with air cover – is nothing less than criminal negligence on the part of SecDEF Leon Panetta

Compounding this was the abject failure of ‘the smartest woman in the world’ SecSTATE Hillary Clinton to have enough State Dept security in BOTH Tropili and in Benghazi. 

For a woman with brazen presidential ambitions, – she either ignored good advice, – never got good advice, – or gambled with unacceptable risks to American lives and America’s image of world leadership.  Girl Scout leaders take better care of their kids than she did of ours!


What ELSE would have you expected from two people who have spent their entire lives telling lies and covering up their sins – and blaming other people for their failures?

VideoBlaming the YouTube video was so dumb – only an Obama or a Clinton would have thought for a moment we’d buy it.  They spent over two weeks trying to sell that story – even their own media grew skeptical…

Since Sept 11th 2013 – they’ve lied to the press, – to Congress, – to the UN, – to the Families, to Foreign Leaders, and to the American People.No Respect 

By telling their lies, they have diminished their credibility with allies and enemies around the world.

The Iranians, North Koreans, and Chinese have been quick to openly thumb their noses at Obama.  Basketball freak Dennis Rodman garners more respect.

Benghazi Whistleblowers

Somehow they kept silent for 50+ days between Sept 12th and November 6th, – but courage and conscience cannot be denied.  Their testimony stands in sharp contrast to Clinton’s lies – and even lifetime Democrats can see she is lying.  What difference does it make?”   When it comes to Life and Death issues, – most Americans still want – and expect – the truth. 

I expect more whistleblowers to step forward – from within the CIA, DOD,  State, and even the WH staff. 

To their ranks will be whistle blowers from IRS, ATF, FBI, and Justice. There are still patriots left.


For the moment you are expected to look aghast at the mini-scandals – the IRS persecution of Conservatives and TEA Party affiliates, – the Justice Department scouring Associated Press phone calls, – and surely a new diversionary revelation by noon Wednesday…Anything to get you to look elsewhere.   DON’T!  STAY FOCUSED!


Twenty-two (22) Class II senate seats are potentially switchable in November 2014 – enough to ensure that a bill of impeachment reaches the Senate floor, is heard, and a judgment rendered.  Yes,  Obama is facing impeachment!  It ~ may ~ still be a far-fetched dream, but come January 2015, – he could be toast.

Even more satisfying, a Republican-controlled Senate could easily approve a House bill to overturn ObamaCare and undo the damage already done.


Hillary Clinton has a cult-like following among many women – who have been gritting their teeth during the Obama pResidency – waiting for their chance for the First Woman President.  Many of these still believe the Hillary ‘Smartest Woman in the World’ Myth

They’ll accept no substitute – no matter how much blood is on her hands.

Smarter, less feminist-agenda women will come to understand that Hillary has been playing handmaiden to Obama for 4 years, – she has been a key player in many of his dirtiest dealings, starting with the gun-running of Fast and Furious.  There is a lot of Mexican blood on her hands too!

Ladies, – we’re NOT against Hillary because she’d a Democrat or a Woman

We ARE against her because she is a world socialist, a lifetime liar, and a ruthlessly ambitious person – who when given a pinnacle position of responsibility and power failed miserably, – then lied about it repeatedly and shamelessly

Thus she has proven herself unworthy of the public trust – in ANY position of honor and responsibility.

Maybe she was raised wrong, – maybe she learned it being married to Bill, – but she is an instinctive, compulsive, and accomplished liar.  And yes, it makes a difference!


Over the next week, expect the Obama defenders in government and the media – and of course in Hollywood – to furiously fill sandbags to hold back the flood waters.  They will blame all manner of evil on Republicans, – claim that every word is politically motivated.  They will pull out the well-worn race card.

But I think the tide is turning.  The Emperor has no clothes, – and people are beginning to admit it. 

This fraudulent son of a Kenyan Finance Minister – who never showed us his birth certificate, his passport, or his college papers – has shown us what really matters – his floundering inability to lead, – his eagerness to circumvent our Constitution, – his circles of anti-American cabinet picks, – and his agenda to tear down our Young Republic.

In these next few weeks he’ll play the Third World King that he is; – he’ll fling some mid-level turds into the wood chipper.  When that doesn’t work – he’ll fling in a few staunch allies.

And that will scare the crap out of anybody else in his inner circles. Look for people to resign, and don’t be surprised if some turn up dead, – like Vince Foster did 20 long years ago.

The guy who should be really scared right now is our National Village Idiot – VP Joe Biden.  He may find himself flung head-first into the wood chipper;  – or worse, – he may suddenly be President.  And should that happen, who could he pick to be his life insurance policy?   Scary times America.  So much for making ‘History’ by electing and re-electing ‘America’s First Black President’.  Now you’re living in the world of unintended consequences…

6 Responses to “Whistleblowers, Smokescreens, and Woodchippers”

  1. Walter Knight

    Senator McCain called Benghazi a terrorist attack on the day it happened, before anyone else. They all knew from the start. They all got their information from the same place.

    Will it matter to voters? To some it will. To others, it’s all about their free stuff. We can’t control how many vote, but we can control how we vote. Remember to always vote.

    Remember Benghazi.

  2. jlflick

    I suffered through the Chris Matthews vomitfest tonight. It’s extremely refreshing to hear him try to explain the triad of discomfort at the WH. It’s satisfying that the libs and little-or-no information folks who get their dosage of Carneyisms from him might be exposed to the real lack of leadership they are governed by. May this be the beginning of the end!

    Now, if only Jon Stewart can get it right for the rest of them…

  3. Walter Knight

    The new spin by Obama and his pet lap dog Chris Mathews is that the scandals are all someone else’s fault. They’re pleading stupidity. All this time they held Barack ‘The Teleprompter’ Obama as being so smart and in control, and now they say it’s not so. It was bureaucrats making mistakes, and the GOP making too much of nothing. Forget that people died.

    When the phone rings late at night, there’s a fool on the other end. I think the Village Idiot is smarter than Obama.

  4. Casey Chapman

    With Obama, it’s always “distract,distract,distract”, and “shove,shove,shove”. Saul Alinsky all the way. And by the way, IT’S NEVER HIS FAULT, or so he would have us believe. I had to snicker a little when he told the press that he didn’t know about what the IRS did for days if not weeks and months before they did. PPPPPlllllease.

  5. Sam Adams

    Hillary, the Marxist hag, could be found with her hands around the neck of one of our many military heroes and she’d be celebrated and most likely coronated by the rest of her gang of braying nags with gray hair growing from their armpits.

  6. jlflick

    “I AM NOT A CROOK!” It just might be the ONLY thing he’s not.