While You Were Looking Elsewhere

Posted March 17th, 2010 by Iron Mike

Remember when Obama promised to “fundamentally transform America”?   While he’s had you looking elsewhere, he’s really been doing it. 

Many people subscribe to the theory that Obama is both naïve and a narcissist.  I disagree.  He certainly is a narcissist, but he is anything but naïve.  He is a reasonably good actor, and he is pretending to be an amateur executive, to be naïve, and to be preoccupied with “reforming health care”.   And while you weren’t paying attention – he was doing far darker deeds to fundamentally weaken and disarm our Young Republic.

“Clean Energy”:  You think Obama wants clean energy for America?  Bull!  He has engineered a series of financial maneuvers to guarantee our continued dependence on high-priced foreign oil – using your tax dollars to so so.  First his mentor/sponsor/boss George Soros buys a controlling stake in Petrobas –  Brazil’s giant oil company.  Next, Obama gives Brazil / Petrobas a $10 Billion “loan” to develop off-shore oil wells.  Who will be the customer for this Brazilian oil?  America?  Guess again.  How about China? 

And American off-shore drilling?  Obama put it on hold until at least 2012.  And America’s abundant natural gas supply – which could power all municipal vehicles and all municipal electrical generation stations?  The Obama solution is Pipeline Czar Larry Persily – a man with a very checquered past.  You won’t get any gas, but a lot of your money will be spent getting it.  Right.  You’ve been gassed.

Immigration and our National Sovereignty:  With hordes of mostly Mexicans streaming across our porous border day and night – and drugs coming through tunnels under it,  Are you concerned?  Obama isn’t.  There are three key ingredients to what’s going on. 

First is rampant drug use by Americans, to include many on Obama’s team.  Obama is an admitted drug user.  Americans do so much drugs that the drug money has totally corrupted the Mexican government, their military and their police forces.  There is a vicious shooting war going on along our southern border from Tijuana to Nogales to Juarez to Nuevo Laredo to Reynosa to Matamoros.  In some battles between rival gangs, or between gangs and the police and military, – dozens have been killed in a single day.  Mexican drug gang leaders are 21st Century war lords, and the country is coming unglued as Mexicans live in fear.  Just three days ago Americans working at the US Consulate were murdered.

Second is Obama’s belief that America shouldn’t be a basically rich, powerful, independent mostly white Christian country.  He is an internationalist.  Anything he can do to soften our borders and weaken our country, and diminish our sovereignty will be done, – to include ignoring the drug wars in Mexico.

Third, gun violence in Mexico – which has already spilled across the border – making Phoenix the kidnap capital of America lends itself to liberal arguments that the government needs to confiscate your guns.  SecState Hillary Clinton made the case last year that American firearms were “fueling the violence” in Mexico.  She was dead wrong.   In Mexico as everywhere, the AK-47 is still the favorite of thugs.  Keep your gun ownership secret because the Obama Socialist State will try and seize them.  Stock up on ammo.

Mainstream Media Failing:  The former “Grey Lady” the New York Slimes – just announced another massive slashing of it’s lobbying [aka “work”] force.  100 newsroom jobs and somewhere between 15 – 20 reporters will be let go – even as CEO Janet Robinson pulled in $4.9 million in salary, bonuses, and stock.  Meanwhile MSM news channels watch their ratings fall – CNBC to as little as 22% of Fox.  Watch for Obama to appoint a Media Czar – because “journalism is too important to fail”.  Soon you’ll be paying for multiple propagandan networks running White House press releases – just like they used to in the old USSR. 

America’s Debt:     $12,636,662,956,140.oo

And you thought “transforming” was about Health Care?  Silly you!  That was the smoke screen!

    /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

And a Happy Saint Paddy’s Day to you Irish out there!

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