Which Photos Does the Enquirer Have?

Posted February 7th, 2019 by Iron Mike

Jeff,  did the Enquirer get their hands on those pictures of your ‘little Democrat’ – the ones you sent Lauren,…that she shared with her girlfriends…?

Bezos is suddenly trying to get out in front of a new phase of his cheating and divorce scandal,…and it’s sad to watch,  – except he’s such an arrogant asshole!

Jeff,  did you even once think of your kids,  or of Lauren’s kids,  – when you decided to send those selfies of your little spelunker to Lauren?

Tough shit Bezos!  You bought the Washington Post to be your mouthpiece for your 2020 presidential run,  – EVAN AS you were having an extra-marital affair with a close family friend, and pretty openly flaunting it.

Karma is a wicked mean bitch!

Now instead of having the Post shape the news you wanted Americans to hear…YOU ARE THE NEWS!

Who blew your cover Jeff…?

2 Responses to “Which Photos Does the Enquirer Have?”

  1. Mt Woman

    How sad, yet how predictable for the uber wealthy. As a “poor person” the last thing I would ever do is bring heartbreak to my husband and family by cheating. I guess if you lose the most basic instinct of preservation of your family , you have really lost it all. Poor Jeff, he really is a loser and a poor man.

  2. GreenBeretLTC

    Let’s see. What did Mother say to me so many many years ago? “The higher you climb, the harder you fall”….

    Like so many celebrities: So much money, so little brains….