Which Obama Will We See Tonight?

Posted September 9th, 2009 by Iron Mike

Good Wednesday Morning Americans!

With his personal approval rating at it’s lowest point ever, and ObamaCare bleeding out from wounds in town halls across the land, our Narcissist-in-Chief will make a desperate attempt at a political comeback tonight before a hurriedly called Joint Session of Congress.  The very fact that Obama needed to call this Joint Session is a clear indicator that this is close to the end of the game,  and time for one last attempt at a Doug Flutie “Hail Mary pass”.

Which Obama will we witness tonight?   There are three (3) possibilities:

HappyO1.  The Impassioned Caring Bleeding Heart Democrat:  I expect to see the Obama of the 2008 campaign – invoking Ted Kennedy’s name, – nay, – wrapping himself in Ted’s legacy – appealing to the better nature in all of us to “do the right thing – in the name of humanity and God”,  and join with him to provide cheap or free health care for “the 47 million”.   Of course he’s toss about half-truths,  vague unprovable numbers,  and showcase a good half-dozen “hapless victims of America’s cold-hearted profit-driven system”.  Even in his most generous moments, Democrat Obama can’t resist taking a swipe at something American.

2.  Obama the Driven Social Reformer:  I expect to see a goodly measure of the committed Social Reformer – a man who really wants to rebuild the entire delivery system for health care in America.  He’ll use the MoveOn slogans and talking points – “Sickness shouldn’t cause bankruptcy” and “Health care is a basic human right”.  He will claim that it is the very cost of our “antiquated system” which is dragging down American industry and failing the basic promise of America.  He’ll even claim that ObamaCare will save us money – billions!  Billions and billions!!  Of course, there have to be villains.  It will be the insurance companies and the Republicans.  This will be the snake-oil salesman at his best, – attempting to reach deep within both our humanity and our greed.  If he can cast the drama as a struggle between his “good” – and Republican “evil”,   he just ~ might ~ pick up a few wayward supporters.  I do expect him to be spell-binding.

AngryO3.  Obama the Hate-filled Maniacal Destroyer of Freedom:  From early childhood Obama was schooled by his communist hippie mother to hate and despise all things American, capitalist, free enterprise, religious, or patriotic. Somewhere he also learned to distrust, reject and even hate all things white – even the white half of his own DNA.  Somewhere loyalty to and respect for his fellow man was replaced by rampant narcissism, – leaving him incapable of empathy or maintaining enduring friendships.  In this Obama soul,  love was replaced by pride, ambition, anger, and cunning.  He is in the process of destroying the very fiber of America by exploding our debt,  devaluating our credit rating and our currency,  and neutering our intelligence services and our military.  Where economics won’t work, he will exploit race, class, and age differences to fragment us.  He wishes to have ultimate control over our population, – and with a national system of socialized medicine there is no better way.  He needn’t send Eric Holder to collect your guns when he can coerce your compliance by simply canceling your ObamaCare Card.

So which Obama will you see tonight?  I’m betting that if you watch his face and his gestures, – and listen carefully, – you’ll see and hear all three!

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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