Which Black Teenage Girl Would Die?

Posted April 21st, 2021 by Iron Mike

In an upscale Black neighborhood in Columbus Ohio – a cop was forced to make a split-second decision….   Who raised these girls? 

Videos below the fold:

These photos are frames from the cop’s body camera.

Without them the Black Victim Industry would easily claim that a cop just rolled up to a group of innocent kids – and picked one out to shoot.

NOTE: This incident DID NOT take place in some impoverished inner-city ghetto…

Motherly nature”?  This is Ma’Khia, – the chunky teenager who was about to stab a neighborhood girl…. “Motherly”?

Did she routinely carry that knife?  Did she get it from her kitchen?

With the police already ON THE SCENE,  – why did she attempt her last near-fatal lunge?

They live in nice homes – nice lawns – their parents drive nice cars…

WHAT are they learning at home about being responsible citizens living in peace and harmony with others?

How can anybody claim that these Black teenagers are “victims” of anybody,  – other than victims of their own parents?

3 Responses to “Which Black Teenage Girl Would Die?”

  1. Jim Buba

    The “victim” is a product of “Foster Care” at its worst

  2. Joe

    The lunatic leftists defend this girl. Yet there is some pushback, thankfully. Today the NYPost published an article after interviewing neighbors (most probably African Americans) and they overwhelmingly supported the cop’s actions.

  3. Panther 6

    Amen to Joe’s comment above. When will black leaders and elected politicians start pushing good citizenship instead of resisting???? I hate to keep beating that drum but it needs to be sounded from the highest hill. 90% of the lost lives result from trying to resist. flee etc. I will step back and say that the police really do need to NOT fire at a fleeing suspect unless it is a murder situation. They can always catch the rascal again. and add another charge to what is probably an already long list of charger. Just my midget opinion.