Posted June 20th, 2012 by Iron Mike

Agents Jamie Zapata and Brian Terry – and about 40,000 dead Mexicans never got ‘Executive Privilege’ from the Obama Cartel.  So why should Holder, Brewer, Napolitano or their munchkins get it?

This morning our undocumented foreign worker attempted to cover his cartel’s ass by invoking ‘Executive Privilege’ over phone calls, emails, and wiretaps run by ATF and Justice in the failed Fast and Furious gun-running scheme.

This has the look of US v Nixon 1974 all over again.  How will Tsongas vote?

11 Responses to “Where’s Their ‘EXECUTIVE PRIVILEGE’?”

  1. Jim Buba

    They’re practicing for my version of the End Game.

    Hands up!, you’re under arrest.

  2. Tom Gilroy

    How can the pResident exert executive privilege unless there is pResidential involvement? The Justice Department lied and now did the Chief Executive also lie? Will the media ask theses question? Where will niki stand on the contempt vote?

  3. Larry Redmond

    Completely ridiculous. No way should Executive Privilege be in invoked in this instance. Unless of course the WH has something big to hide. You don’t suppose…..??


    Have you noticed that more people are getting fed up? Do you think the MSM will notice that John Q. Public and Jane Q. Public have had it?

    We are damn tired of the lies, the stalling and the cover-ups.

  5. TeaTime

    Impeach this guy already!

  6. Prim

    Time for another “insider” with a flash drive who has some integrity left. Probably too much to wish for, but it makes you wonder what ALL they are covering up besides this.

  7. Len Mead

    Executive privilege has a valid function for a president with integrity facing the ‘fishing expeditions’? of the opposition who can’??t make a reasonable argument for the courts to approve and order subpoenaing documents. When Obama is gone, future conservative presidents will need ‘executive privilege’.? To have a role ousting Obama, IMMEDIATEY go to http://www.OUSTOBAMACOALITION.com and sign up. Len Mead

  8. Kelly Curran

    Len Makes a good point. Are any of us surprised, I wake up every morning wondering what wonderful thing Obummer will bestow on us today. If you are really fed up, you will become an ouster, http://www.oustobamacoalition.com and get involved with making sure this guy doesn’t get a second term, and if he does it is the end. The end of Freedom , the end of Liberty , the end of our country. And where might I ask are the Republicans? Where is Romney? Has anyone made a statement, besides Issa? I’M STILL WAITING FOR A STATEMENT ON THE DREAM ACT VIA EXECUTIVE ORDER!!!!! Are they hiding under a bed, in a closet, where oh where are the gutless wonders??????????

  9. Ralphyboy

    This pResident is and slowly has been undertaking the law in his own hands. Impeachment process is long. Voting him out in November will be the quickest way for his departure. Unfortunately, we have a liar in chief amongst us all. So much for his transparency and other non solutions that were promised. How much more can the logical voting public take? Wake up America!

  10. Flick

    Like cockroaches when the light goes on. That’s what I picture…