Where’s my Peace Prize?

Posted October 11th, 2009 by Jim Ettwein

Well, look, I’ve done as little as PresO has. Why can’t I have one too? I mean really, couldn’t we all use $1.4 Million? I know I could. One wonders what value the Nobel Prize has any more. It’s meaning is lost. It’s criteria are corrupt. It’s prize holders are recognized the world over as losers, thugs, terrorists. Maybe they could just award $1 to each winner… and then they could have 1.4 Million winners… every year, at no increased cost!

…and, thanks to a loyal reader (comment below)… he sends along his own method for getting your own Peace Prize. Although I’m still waiting for my check… 🙂


3 Responses to “Where’s my Peace Prize?”

  1. acmegeek

    Well, you asked, so here you go: http://www.MyPeacePrize.com

  2. dannapMarineMom

    You did it again, rr. You completely summarized the state of affairs in the world today. Peace at all costs. Peace at any cost. Give into the bad guys. They’ll come around.

    Oh yeah – they sure will! They’ll come with their IED’s and machetes, their suicide bombs, and their hatred. They’ll come like a thief in the night . . . they’ll come IN OUR FACES.

    Obama is the ME generation. Give me what you’ve earned. Give me what I covet. Give me what I want. For I, Obama, am the oppressed, the victimized . . . and I deserve a break today.

    A Christian? who announces to the world that he’ll turn his back on God’s chosen people – Israel? A Christian who appeases the world’s elite by denouncing the freedoms we died for on every continent? A Christian???? A Leader???? Think, America. Read America. God says that those who are lukewarm, those who sit on the fence, those who change with the winds of time . . . these He will spew out of his mouth.

    Nobel is no longer noble. It is the worldview of secular humanism. It is the absence of a Divine Creator who loves us. Nobel prize? Hrmph. Who needs it. dp

  3. Pappy

    H*ll Where is the peace, let alone the Prize.