Where’d The Mouseketeer Get $215,000.oo?

Posted December 28th, 2015 by Iron Mike

Never attribute to stupidity that which can be adequately explained by RiNO malice!”
$240K payoff
Somehow,…somewhere,…the bankrupt MassGOP just ‘found’ $215K to finish paying off the Mark Fisher lawsuit.   Who put up that kind of cash…Mitt Romney or Jeb Bush?


Audit the MassGOP

It’s about time the membership – those 40 men and 40 women duly elected every 4 years – and now up for re-election on March 1st 2016 (a scant 94 days…) to represent the interests of Republican voters…..and to demand an accounting and an audit!

Mark Fisher

Let’s face it folks – if back in March 2014,  the MassGOP – under the direction of the Mouseketeer Kirsten Hughes and Chocolate Pants Kaufman – had run an honest state convention,…

– there would never have been a Mark Fisher lawsuit,…

– or any of the bad feelings and bad publicity that arose from their unnecessary attempts to exclude him….

But RiNOs are RiNOs – i.e. just a more slippery and more poisonous variety of Democrat snake.

MassGOP Counting Votes
Chocolate Pants Ron KaufmanUntil the worst of those RiNO committee critters – those political know-it-alls who think Republicans should be ignoring Planned Parenthood,  EBT fraud,  illegal aliens,  transgenders using the girl’s bathrooms in schools,  – and of course the 2nd Amendment, – are voted out,…

…Kaufman will wire-guide events and run the MassGOP to curry favor with the Bush Family and Mitt Romney.

RRB is glad that Mark finally got his money.  He’s an honorable guy who would have represented Republican interests and stood up for the Constitution.  Too bad the Judge didn’t make Kaufman and the Mouseketeer cough up the money from their own assets….

BUT,….we can’t help but note that even when doing something honorable – like paying up on their court-ordered judgment, – the MassGOP remains sleazy,…making the payment during the news blackout of the Christmas holiday week,…hoping that nobody would notice

Meanwhile,…we’re still waiting for the Mouseketeer’s public statement rebuking Obama and standing up for our God-Given Right of Self-Defense as specified in the 2nd Amendment….. Waiting…. Waiting….

That two-faced little mouse will never squeak up….

FOLKS, during all of 2016 – give only to worthy candidates – people you feel good about – – NOT to the MassGOP.  Your money might end up in New Hampshire like it did in 2008 and 2012….

Hat Tip Len Mead!

3 Responses to “Where’d The Mouseketeer Get $215,000.oo?”

  1. integrity 1st

    The four in the first picture – the 4 faces of the evil in MA, and so few know what they have done, and even fewer, how electing the right people to the state committee can make all the difference in the world.

  2. Corsair1021

    That kind of money had to come from out of state. That isn’t raised here from grassroots donors. Friends, and friends of friends who are hit up to donate to bail out the MassGOP from a difficult spot, essentially being in debt from a lawsuit. It’s bad PR, and it causes regular donors to hold back, because they don’t want donations going to a lawsuit payoff instead of candidates. Donating to candidates directly running for office ensures that money is going into the hands of the right candidates who support reform and not status quo.

  3. curious

    If Hughes and the State Committee ran an open and transparent convention there would never have been a law suit. Fisher would have either gotten 15% or not but there would be no room to question. Now, in addition to the roughly quarter million dollars that could have been used to help candidates, there is another undisclosed amount (I have heard estimates of anywhere from $100,000 to $750,000, the number been put out is $10,000 PER RACE) being spent to keep the Hughes/Kaufman lackeys in power on the State Committee.

    I urge your readers to support conservative grassroots candidates such as incumbents Steve Aylward, Bill Gillmeister, Mary Lou Daxland and challengers Ron Beatty, Trish Vanaria, Marty Lamb, Paul Ferro, Chris Pinto and many, many more.