Where Was Senator Squaw?

Posted March 7th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Does President Obama believe – he has the right
to kill American Citizens – asleep in their beds
– in the United States – with drone strikes?”
Rand Paul

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul spent 13 grueling hours filibustering the nomination of Obama hack John Brennan – to get an answer to that question.

Joined by several young Senators – Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Ron Wyden [a Democrat], Pat Toomey, and John Thune, – Paul laid out the legitimate concerns people of all parties have over Obama’s run-away drone program – a program led by Brennan.

Where was Senator Squaw?

If any of the assembled 100 senators have a reason to question unbridled government power – it would be a descendent of the Cherokee Tribe – who were forced off their land and herded like cattle to Oklahoma in 1838 because gold was discovered on their lands in northern Georgia.
Cherokee Heratige

So, where was Elizabeth Warren?  She wants to ‘protect us from big banks’, – but not from drone strikes?  What is that ancient Cherokee word for hypocrite?

Where was Senator Dianne Feinstein?  She wants to come into your home, open your closet, and take your guns – to keep people ‘safe’.  Where was Dianne yesterday, – when the question was Obama and Eric Holder launching drone strikes through your roof to kill you as you’re sleeping, or eating dinner?

Amazing!  Democrats have no problem with listening to your phone calls, tracking your car and your mouse clicks, invading your home and taking your guns, ripping an unborn child from a mother’s womb, – but…somehow…they trust Obamanot to kill you?

Senator ‘Squaw’ Elizabeth Warren:  202  224-4543 Tell her she should’a been there!

7 Responses to “Where Was Senator Squaw?”


    Good for Rand Paul and for the help he received from friends.

  2. Tom

    Not only was Senator Squaw AWOL but our new interim Senator Bill Cowan, a legitimate minority was also among the missing. This just magnifies the point that we need something other than lapdog politicians even in the Socialist Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Have these folks no regard for our Constitutional Rights unless it involves guns, voting rights or Obama’s redistribution of wealth and no quester sequester?

  3. Walter Knight

    Brennon’s nomination aside, Senator Rand Paul does not seem to remember or realize we are at war. Fighting enemy combatants is not a police matter, and our miltiary should be allowed to kill the enemy no matter who are where they are.


    So if Obama decided to kill bloggers, – calling them ‘terrorists’, – that’s OK with you?

    The ISSUE is not our war on Islamic terrorists, – it’s using Hellfire missiles from drones – to kill Americans in our sleep,…with nothing more than a presidential nod

  4. Walter Knight

    I listened to Paul speak. He was crying about the rights of terrorists, foreign and domestic, just because they possessed American citizenship. The enemy is recruiting Americans. Many of the enemy hold duel citizenship. Paul was calling drone strikes against enemy combatants a violation of the Constitution.

    Paul sounded like another liberal, unable to use common sense, restricting our military from doing its job of killing the enemy. No wonder the Left is joining Paul on this issue, and Paul is at odds with the Republican leadership.

    You think he was just talking about using the military at home? Listen more carefully.

  5. Casey Chapman

    Senator Squaw undoubtedly wants a drone of her own to use on Scott Brown, and/or anybody else who opposes her highness.

  6. Kojack

    It actually would be more productive to take these terrorists alive (as OBL should have been) whenever possible so that more intel could be extracted…..

    I agree with you, Mike, regarding ABSOLUTE drone stike authority on U.S. soil being given to any POTUS, but especially the over-reaching, constitution-shredding islamic marxist Barry Sotero; the war on terror would be too much of a convenience for him to frame his political enemies with some trumped-up charge…..and for anyone who thinks this might be too far fetched think about the details of Fast and Furious where executive privelege was used in the final cover up all the incriminating evidence and the Bengahzi debacle and subsequent cover-up where congress has yet to interveiw the survivors to which they still have not been given access in the name of “national security”.

  7. Ben

    Sadly, something tells me that Brown would have been dining with Obama Wednesday than helping Paul in his filibuster.