Where Is The JUSTICE Governor Newsom?

Posted July 29th, 2019 by Iron Mike

Some asshole shoots up the Garlic Festival….?

But this past March, Governor Know-it-ALL Gavin Newsom signed a moratorium on the Death Penalty.   He kind of GREEN LIGHTED Murder!
Gavin,  – YOU have ARMED GUARDS, – these sitting ducks didn’t.  Is that fair?

5 Responses to “Where Is The JUSTICE Governor Newsom?”

  1. FLICK

    As I awake today to hear the news of 2 shootings, and also this bile producing news: Today a $3M richer puke kid, tomorrow the next mass shooter. Fox said, “his name will be a household word.” In more ways than one unfortunately.


    We need to ban video games, not guns.

  2. Herky

    Oh boy we’ve got a “we need to ban video games” guy in the house. That doesnt sound like conservtivism or small government….


    You ~ might ~ consider using your spell-checker before posting snarky comments Herky….

    Are YOU a gamer…?

    FYI,…a number of the recent mass shooters have been young men obsessed with violent video games, – making some adults believe they’ve lost their grasp on reality and think they’re acting out a GAME when they’re really killing REAL PEOPLE.

  3. Kojack

    At one time, guns were far more accessible than they are today but there were virtually no mass shootings. There were also no video games and no smart phones. God was in the public square and there were institutions for the mentally ill and public schools taught U.S. History and civic responsibility. Only people who shared our values were allowed to come here LEGALLY and they were required to WORK, be SPONSORED and to ASSIMILATE into our society.


  4. Herky

    No I’m not a gamer, but I’m also not one commit to knee jerk reactions like the ‘ban video games’ people are. No better than those calling for gun laws after shootings. Don’t be a hypocrite Mike.


    Only Democrats and RiNOs are hypocrites Herky, but you should do a little RESEARCH…

    …you’ll discover how many youthful mass killers were addicted to violent games in the months and years before they went on their spree….

    No, – I don’t want to ban games, – but there is genuine concern for how they affect some young people – much as drugs and alcohol affects some people with specific DNA.

  5. Herky

    2 main causes:

    1) Baby boomers and Gen X’ers being horrible parents (most recent mass shooting suspects are within the age bracket that was raised by these two generations). Boomers and X’ers have raised a bunch of cry babies and “everyone gets a trophy” type of kids.

    2) Overprescribing of SSRIs and other anti depressants by doctors, being pushed by big pharma.

    But go ahead and keep blaming things like violent movies and video games.



    Don’t know what we’d do without your expert insight “Herky”, I’m surprised you’re not working as a profiler for the FBI.

    Try to absorb this: We’re not solely blaming video games for young men becoming mass murderers, – we ARE saying that in DOZENS of mass shootings the shooters were known to be AVID GAMERS, – so it is likely a CONTRIBUTING FACTOR for some young men with a certain twisted DNA.

    How come there are no FEMALE mass shooters?