Where Did You Fight Gabe?

Posted April 25th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Is former US Navy Officer Gabe Gomez marketing himself to voters
using the valor, deeds, and legend of other men?
Proven Fighter Mailer

As an American and a veteran, – I am proud of and thankful for every day Gabriel Gomez served this country in our Navy.   His honorable service is not remotely a political issue.

It’s the way he’s marketing the image – one built by other men – that I find…troubling.

I got his mailer today, – and I was disturbed by the words PROVEN FIGHTER.

Really Gabe?  Where?  When did you see action?  It wasn’t you who shot the pirates from the fantail of the Bainbridge,  – you weren’t on the bin Laden raid.  So where’d you get this ‘Proven Fighter‘ reputation?

Here is one of my concerns Gabe:    As a combat veteran myself,  I am well aware how many brave men never get the recognition their deeds earned – often because they were killed, along with anyone who might have signed a witness statement.

And having known literally thousands of combat veterans, – I’ve never heard even one (1) of them refer to themselves as a ‘fighter’.  Most of us are too mindful [daily and nightly] of those who did far more, those who came back mangled, and those whose bodies will never even be found.

Thus most of us consider ourselves as damned lucky survivors, – not ‘fighters’.

So my second concern continues to be your choice of WORDS.

In your Howie Carr ‘Man Up Debate’  – you ruefully admitted that in your suck-up-to-Deval letter, you ‘could have chosen better words’.  You were unable to explain the words you did write.

And damnit – as a US Senator – WORDS MATTER!  Each and every word in a bill can have important meaning – critical meaning – which can affect the future of our country.   And you keep misusing words….

My third concern the one you gave me a smart-aleck answer to – is your support for Obama and Shuttleworth.   What kind of ‘Republican’ supports socialists and progressives?  How can we trust you to vote FOR US – and not for your own inner progressive?

Finally Gabe,  I have concerns for your JUDGMENT:

 –  You give smart-aleck answers to veterans,

 –  You challenged Mike Sullivan to a ‘Man Up’ debate and frankly – you fell flat on your face. 

 –  You choose your words poorly, like saying you want to go to the Senate and ‘be a civil servant’… 

 Proven Fighter–  You support and fund questionable politicians – like Deval Patrick, Obama, and Shuttleworth.  You don’t seem to actually understand Republican ideals…  Now you’re trading shamelessly on the image and the lore of Navy SEALs, an outfit you left some 17 years ago….

– You accepted an endorsement from the biggest RiNO in the state – Bill Weld…

The most charitable explanation I can come up with Gabe, – is that you are being poorly advised.  But that too…is a judgment issue…

6 Responses to “Where Did You Fight Gabe?”

  1. Sheryl

    Thanks for saying it! …. I can’t, I have never served this country in a “service capacity” but I attended a Town Hall Debate with him and frankly he said “I am a navy seal” before he answered each question… He used Mikes “tried and trusted”.. He was an embarrassment … Never answering a question…

    I heard the man up debate… He’s not a man, he hurls thunderbolts like a little girl … Then whines when he can’t defend himself … Too bad people don’t check the references , this man is as deep as a puddle!

  2. Casey Chapman

    And a shallow puddle at that. I’ll be voting for the othe republican candidate. At least he can start a sentence with more than one phrase. Geeeeeeeeees.

  3. Leo The Lion

    Right on, Mike. I served in Vietnam and know a lot of guys who had it far worse than I. Those who really fought don’t talk about it, and they certainly don’t exploit their service. That’s how most of us Vietnam Vets knew that Kerry was a fraud right from the beginning. Gomez reminds me of a much dumber Kerry (if that’s possible) but with the same thirst for self-seeking. His craven, “put me in, coach” letter to Deval was positively nauseating.

    At least Winslow shows the capacity to think for himself, however wrongly on the social issues.

    I will be voting for Mike Sullivan.

  4. Mark

    Good critique of Señor Gomez. Love the O logo and seal with a ball on his nose. That is classic.

  5. Rick Bland

    Cheap shot and slander. Typical Liberal garbage.


    EXACTLY WHO…are you calling ‘liberal’ Ricky?