Where Did Niki Tsongas Go?

Posted October 11th, 2014 by Iron Mike

AWOL?   MIA?    Lost in the Big Bad City of Washington?
Tsongas in Body Armor

We sent her to Congress to represent us – but she’s managed to miss 96% of the work – the MOST of any Congress Critter!

It’s EASY to understand why Niki is considered the third stupidest congresswoman currently serving

…[actually she’s tied for 3rd ] – if for the past 7 years she hasn’t done her homework,  – studied the issues, – or even gone to the meetings.
3rd stupidest congresswoman

How will her MoonBat Defenders excuse her?

– too busy memorizing her talking points?

– too  busy fitting body armor?

– too busy investigating rapes?

– too busy following Nancy Pelosi on shopping trips?

– too busy packing up American Flags for constituents?

– too busy defending ObamaCare?

– too busy telling stories about her dead father?

– too busy daydreaming about how she was ~ almost ~ First Lady?

ONE THING is FOR SURE: Tsongas has been TSILENT – on each and every major issue plaguing America and the Free World.
Natural Resources Committee

THE SAD PART: Massachusetts voters in the old 5th CD and now the new 3rd CD have WASTED their votes – 4 times!

By now Tsongas – who just completed her 7th year – should be a respected and important voice for us.

She’s not!   She’s furniture. She’s known as Pelosi’s Sock Puppet.

They don’t even bother explaining the issues to her;  – they just tell her how to vote, – then they hand her a sheet of dumbed-down talking points when she comes home.

Photo-Op Tsongas with Pelosi



Never-ending Tsongas photo-ops

RRB would like to know – because all we’ve seen for 7 years are photo-ops.

Let's take pictures

From the Washington Examiner:

Niki Tsongas missed 96 percent

Rep. Niki Tsongas, D-Mass., is a prime example. Despite holding a river cleanup day in her district last month, and saying “our rivers have served us well for centuries … sustaining our health by providing clean drinking water, creating tremendous recreational opportunities and bringing natural beauty to our daily life,” the lawmaker did not attend congressional panel meetings to do the work she trumpets as necessary.

Tsongas is a member of the House Committee on Natural Resources and its subcommittees on public lands and environmental regulation and energy and mineral resources. Yet she has attended only one of 24 meetings of those panels this session. Among the meetings she missed were those in which legislation was considered to expand the use of rivers for recreation and to conserve fisheries.

PLEASE CONSIDER: Tsongas ~ claims ~ to be an attorney, – and 4 times she’s sworn an OATH as a Congresswoman. BOTH as an attorney and as a Member of Congress – she has FAILED to do her duty and FAILED to represent us!

But she takes the paychecks…and the free health care.

She’ll get a very comfortable retirement.

Her dereliction of duty is CRIMINAL!   She should go to JAIL!

Let’s vote her out of office on November 4th!

4 Responses to “Where Did Niki Tsongas Go?”

  1. Ralphyboy

    As I listened to Ms. Ann Wofford at the debate in Concord Mass. on 10/5/14, a real opponent to our photo-op Congresswoman Rep. N. Tsongas. Ann represents someone who will read the Bills, who will attend sessions that represent our district, and support the Constitution of the United States.

    Ann Wofford is running as a true grass roots candidate who has one major reason she elected to run, and that is to represent her constituents by being their spokesperson in Congress. Ann will bring the district with the proper representation which has been lacking for years. Rep. Niki Tsongas’s record proves it. She is derelict in her Congressional district duties.

    Come November 4th, let’s elect someone who works for us and not visa versa. Please consider Ann Wofford for or 3rd Congressional District Congresswoman on 11/4/14.

    Voting for career incumbents is now dangerous. Let’s get some new blood in Massachusetts and bring some fresh ideas to the forefront with real intentions for change, not phony promises from community organizers and the lemmings that follow them.

  2. Vince

    Niki is also busy posting on Facebook,or course she does more of this at election time.
    Let’s get her out of office, VOTE FOR ANN WOFFORD on Nov. 4th. Ann will represent us instead of Obama, Pelosi, and the Democratic party.

  3. Tom Gilroy

    Niki is far more concerned with social issues and women’s body armor than the war against Islamic terrorists. Her late husband’s Greek ancestors, who lived under Muslim tyranny for 400 years, must be rolling over in their graves. The Mideast is being overrun by Islamic savages, Niki is posing for photo ops all over the district, using the social media and the compliant liberal media to saturate the Third Distrtric with her picture to impress the low information voters rather than doing the sacred position she was elected to perform.

    Shame on her, the Founders would not believe what these congressional critters have wrought with Their Constitutional Republic. We need a Congressional Representative that is concerned with national security, attends committee meetings rather than photo ops. We need Ann Wofford to properly represent the people of the Third in Washington.

  4. Casey Chapman

    The people in her district need to wake up. The point of being a rep is to rep. Not to pose with Botox Pelosi for endless photo ops.