Where Can Sick China Joe Go? Not Michigan!

Posted October 6th, 2021 by Iron Mike

Howell, Michigan, Tues 5 Oct 2021:   China Joe – the dementia patient came to Michigan to tell whoppers and sell his Make America Broke spending package.
Crowds of Patriots were there to make him feel unwelcome! 
The righteous anger of many of the anti-Biden protesters is understandable.
What’s hard to explain is the few moonbat faithful still standing there mumbling support of the dementia patient and his whore.

Sad to say,  so long as America remains a comfortable place to live, – where people are coddled with a never-ending supply of modern conveniences,….there will always be simple-minded moonbats yearning for Utopia,  and thus voting for slick crooks like the Clintons,  the Obamas,  and the Bidens.

They won’t learn until the days that all the toilet paper is gone,  – that they’re eating road kill,  – and armed gangs of marauders are stalking their neighborhoods…..

Only THEN will they realize that the purpose of our Government had been to ensure their SAFETY,   maintain the roads, the courts, and the prisons;  – AND NOT to turn their feel-good virtue-casting pipe dreams into legislation financed by their neighbor’s income taxes.   

But then it will already be too late….

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