Where are they now?

Posted August 11th, 2009 by Jim Ettwein

Just wondering where a few people are these days.  They were so prominent a year ago.  Now they’ve disappeared.  Perhaps their principles weren’t as strong as they professed.  Perhaps their motivations weren’t what they said.

I’m talking, of course, about these folks:

Iraq War protesters.  Anti-war zealots.  Anti-Gitmo fanatics.  Military haters.

Was it all just Bush hating and bashing?  Of course it was.  They weren’t brave enough to state it at the time.  But, due to their conspicuous absence, it’s obvious where their focus was. 

Now we have the socialist-in-chief running things and they’re silent.  Even though the same policies are being carried on.  Even stronger than when Bush was president.

So, where are they?  Well, I presume that these same automata are out picketing for the government to take over the rest of our freedoms.  Cloaked in healthcare reform.  Stimulus.  Corporate takeovers.  Control of free enterprise salaries.  They don’t have a single cogent thought among them.  They just blindly do whatever the goverment tells them.  They’d have to be doing this blindly, since a second’s thought would reveal the socialist schemes for what they are.

Personally I love to see them rail against normal Americans who are protesting this latest takeover of our freedoms.  Their actions show up as cowardly behavior.  Their actions show up as fear that they’re policies will be seen for what they truly are.  Their actions speak volumes louder than their words.  Each time they try to shut down legitimate debate they show their true colors.  I’m betting that it’s yellow.


2 Responses to “Where are they now?”

  1. ironmike

    Hey RR, you’ve got their color right – bright pink with a broad yellow stripe down their backs. Many are having what we Army guys used to call “an Oh Shit moment”, as they look at their layoff slips, their 401K and 529 statements, and try to figure out when OBummer and ACORN is going to show up with their free stuff . . . . Right!

    Only the Kool-Aid drinkers are still true believers – after watching OBummer show his snarly race-hating streak when asked about the Cambridge Police. Post-Racial pResident – my donkey!

  2. DannaMarineMom

    Well, one of them (Ted Kennedy) has just been nominated for the Medal of Freedom . . . albeit as an “agent of change.” This same wording is used in the dogma of secular humanism in the educationese that is so prolific in creating a “politically correct” public educational system. That is, one in which our history is rewritten as if our nation is one of opportunists and not opportunities. That Obama used the term “agent of change” is fairly bold. Although it has been around for probably 25 years or more, it hasn’t been one that makes the press, and certainly not one spoken by our national leaders. Those that know the political agenda of secular humanism know all too well that we are traveling at breakneck speed towards that end. Thanks for keeping us abreast of what’s really going on in the world, RabidRepublican!

    By the way – check out the list of Medal of Freedom Honorees. The company is mixed, and since apparently the criteria is quite generic, or at least subject to the views of the president in power, one must temper its value depending on who awarded it to whom.