WHERE Are The Women “Refugees”?

Posted November 27th, 2015 by Iron Mike

Where are the women

This dash-cam video is ~ believed ~ to have been filmed in Northern France….

…it should scare the shit out of you.   This is an INVASION!

If Obama brings them here, – can you defend yourself?

3 Responses to “WHERE Are The Women “Refugees”?”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    But, you don’t understand, they are like pilgrims seeking religious freedom? They are really barbarians already over the gate throughout Europe, headed for a state, city and town near you. There is no vetting process, there are very few, woman, children and elderly. These are young, nubile, mostly jihadist terrorists bent on pillage, rape, murder and mass mayhem wherever they go.

    You wonder why they are not welcome in other Muslim countries, these countries realize they are a real and present danger.

    Our President and Seretary of State recognizes Climate Change as our most current, significant real and present danger. We are screwed!!

  2. Varvara

    They steal, rape and murder. The crime of rape has gone up 1,472% in Germany. If they do not like the accommodations they burn them. They drop their pants and defecate where they happen to be. There are very few refugees, especially Christians. These are the people that are tossed off the boats crossing to Greece.

    On some films you can find the elderly, usually sitting down watching children. Very few are found. As for the women, if they are young they are usually carrying children. You don’t see too many of them.

  3. Kojack

    This is all part of “the prophet mOhammed’s” plan to spread jihad and iSlam. It is called jihdra. The translation is jihadi immigration and it is being actualized by the EU and the jihadi candidate in the White House.

    If they are allowed to come over here it will be another time-bomb that will go off after Obysmal is out of office.

    We have to wake up and recognize that iSlam is at war with us whether we like it or not. The “moderate” mUslims are the ones that have not yet taken up the sword. If we don’t ban iSlam here in the US or at least force it to reform our grand children will be taken over by it.

    I heard an excellent interview Thanksgiving morning on WRKO with Dr. Charles Jacobs(Americans for Peace & Tolerance) who explained that before violent extremism there is non-violent extremism as well as the methods iMams use to hide their radical recruiting. Very scary and sobering stuff.
    The clock is ticking.