Where Are The Oil Skimmers Mr. pResident?

Posted June 28th, 2010 by Iron Mike


Florida Senator George LeMieux has every right to be angry. 

The Obama Cartel is using the Gulf oil spill crisis the same way they use every crisis.  Just look at the 2008 Election map – this piece showing the results by county.
Gulf Coast 2008 Election Map by Counties

The Gulf is mostly hard-working families, small businesses, deeply religious [you get that way living next to the sea], and fiercely independent Republicans by nature.  They own their boats, their homes, their businesses, their pick-up trucks, their guns, and their churches.  There are a lot of retired military living down there.  In 2008 these Gulf Coast folks voted overwhelmingly to reject the obvious bullshit of “Hope and Change”,  and went with McCain-Palin. 

The Cartel is using this crisis to punish them – by foot-dragging.  If these people can be forced out of business, and made dependant on government handouts, – they become enslaved voters, – just like the minority populations in America’s inner cities.  This is pure, simple, Obama-in-your-face payback

It’s the same tactic being applied to Mexican immigration.  Ignore it and eventually the illegals will overwhelm the various state systems, -and then Obama can grant blanket amnesty – without anybody offering a peep of resistance. 

If all this doesn’t make sense, try – PLEASE try to get your head around a key concept.  Obama was elected by a thin majority of well-meaning do-gooders, liberals, and outright socialists.  Of them,  only the socialists understood the game plan.  The rest just thought they were finally giving a Black guy a chance.  But Obama inwardly HATES our country.  He wants to break down our borders, our Constitution, our Free Enterprise system, and our Judeo-Christian values.  In seventeen (17) short months he’s doing one hell of a  job!

Our mid-term elections are just 126 days awayWhat will you do?

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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