Where Are The Bullets Charles Edwards?

Posted July 22nd, 2013 by Iron Mike

Charlie is a social climber. He wants it all, – big job, big home, contacts, PhD, luxury travel, – and all on your tax dollars….
RRB has one (1) question: WHERE are the DAMNED BULLETS?
Where Are The Bullets Charlie

and his wife Madhuri live in Sandy Spring. He’s been traveling to Ft. Lauderdale, Florida to get his PhD at Nova Southeastern in nearby Miramar – on your dime. Then he put his wife on the payroll….but she ‘works from home’…

Why would it matter?

Because HE is the frigging Acting Inspector General of Homeland Security!  He is the Department’s ‘official watchdog‘.

But this former US Post Office employee has been acting like a postal union official – living large, – getting his PhD, – covering his travels with fake inspection visits, – and making DHS employees do his homework and write his PhD thesis….
NOVA Miramar Campus

Seems about par for the Obama administration. Maybe he’s looking for an ambassadorship? Or a judgeship?

But those damned whistle-blowers! They’ve been complaining to Claire McCaskill D(MO) and Ron Johnson R(WI) in the Senate.  Seems some of the charges include:

# whitewashing the Secret Service prostitution scandal

# improper travel costs – including his trips to Ft. Lauderdale and three trips ‘to inspect a DHS office‘ in Puerto Rico [he stayed at luxury tourist hotels].

# nepotism for hiring his wife for what seems like a no-show job

# destruction of federal records [about himself]

# ignoring Freedom of Information Act requests and destroying records

# intimidating employees and retaliating against whistle-blowers.

##  AND,…having his wife use her federal issue phone to chat with him while allegedly doing remote work,…from India…

What did Janet cover upHow long was Janet Napolitano covering this up?

Or,…have they been covering each other

Charlie, we know you’re scum. It goes without saying… Anybody who’d work that close to Napolitano would have to be.

We just want to know about those bullets – the BILLION small-arms bullets that DHS has bought over these past 4 years. Where the fuck are they?

3 Responses to “Where Are The Bullets Charles Edwards?”

  1. Tom

    The media could care less, he is a Dem and that’s all that matters. They are all wrapped up in the royal birth and will be for the next few days. Acting IG, what a joke. What are his qualifications and isn’t nepotism against the law for government positions or is that just for Republicans? Just like the guns of Fast and Furious, the ammunition of DHS will be a non story, nothing to see here just move along suckers.

  2. Casey Chapman

    This guy sounds like one of Deval Patricks minions. They can’t keep track of things here, either. Maybe the ammo was part of the Fast and Furious program. Otherwise, they’re included in the walls of that data gathering facility out in Utah.

  3. Sam Adams

    We have fun making jokes about this while a lot of the biggest jokes are in the republican party in Washington. We’d better begin dealing with it, or just dig hole and live in it.