When Your Only Defense Option Is Fire….

Posted November 20th, 2019 by Iron Mike

Our left-wing media in the USA is focused on Impeachment Hearings, – deliberately ignoring news from around the world – like Bolivia, Iran, and Hong Kong.

The lessons are clear for those who pay attention:  unarmed populations – people not allowed to own guns,  – can only resort to setting fires in the streets to thwart government forces. videos:

Hurting under Trump’s sanctions, – and having spent all their cash trying to build nukes and foster anti-Israel and anti-Saudi thugs across the Middle East,  – the Iranians find themselves cash-strapped.  So they raised gasoline prices – 50%.  Riots broke out in a hundred cities…

Do not underestimate China’s burning interest in Iranspecifically in Iranian oil.

The Chinese likely don’t give a shit who rules the country (they hate Muslims of any flavor), – but they need that oil,  – and are likely to involve themselves to keep it flowing.

Meanwhile – 4,000 miles away, Chinese President Xi’s miscalculations about how the people of Hong Kong feel about life under his Communist Boot has left him with an embarrassing and bloody mess – that the whole world (minus the left-wing US media) can see.

The mass protests of 1,000,000 people who turned out 6 weeks ago have turned into street battles and an occupied university.

Once again unarmed students face police (backed up by Chinese soldiers) – who are all too willing to shoot to kill when tear gas doesn’t dislodge the protesters.

Here in the USA it is all-too-obvious that the Democrat Party is fixated with impeaching Trump’,  – as they ignore opportunities to work with him constructively on these world issues,  and on matters important to Americans,  – like the Wall,  the USMCA,  drug prices,  and combating illegal drug addiction among our citizens.

Down in Bolivia – 4,000 miles due south of the Impeachment Hearings, – Bolivians managed to chase the Communist Evo Morales from their country last week,  – but the country is still torn up by rioting led by unhappy coca (drug) growers.

If anybody listens to the Democrats debating tonight – will you hear about “Impeachment”, – or will you hear about world issues and our record-breaking economy?


Do “Democrats” care about our Country, – or about Power (in essentially the same way as the dictators do)?

5 Responses to “When Your Only Defense Option Is Fire….”

  1. Kojack

    “The lessons are clear for those who pay attention: unarmed populations – people not allowed to own guns, – can only resort to setting fires in the streets to thwart government forces.”

    MASS-HOLES and DUMMYCRAPS in other states believe we don’t need guns because, after all, “It can’t happen here.”

  2. Kojack

    “If anybody listens to the Democrats debating tonight – will you hear about “Impeachment”, – or will you hear about world issues and our record-breaking economy?”

    Anyone without a professional objective who subjects themselves to this torture from these SHAMELESS ANTI-AMERICAN PANDERERS has to be either a TOTAL MOON-BAT, A PLANTATION DWELLER OR A SADO-MASOCHIST.

  3. panther 6

    It has gotten so bad that I won’t watch the Hearings…Sometimes FOX News has a decent analysis/summary but even that is questionable at times. AND overall nothing gets done for the nation and its people This is sad.

  4. Catherine

    The dhimmicrats will only discuss impeachment, because far too many of them are complicit in treason and sedition. Their ONLY hope of getting out of the trap will be to keep it from springing; that means getting rid of President Trump.

    That WILL NOT happen, and these self-serving traitors and thieves are all looking at life at Gitmo, if not execution for treason (which will come for some, but likely not for this gaggle of losers shown – except for Sleepy Joe).

  5. Jim Buba

    Far beneath the fires is found the Natural Human Desire to be free. Being Free of just what, is plainly obvious, when today, around the world, WE CAN SEE that the People are setting fires; their only recourse without guns, to be Free of themselves.

    Now then, the above is only clear if you are a democrat and believe that the Government IS, in fact, The People.

    Ah, but that is only true when THOSE PEOPLE are the ones; like the Massachusetts Legislature, are backed by those OTHER People, who are in fact, the Supreme Judicial Court.

    That ruling; from the 1978-82 period, where the SJC ruled that the Legislature IS The People, has robbed the Real People of their rights in so many ways, rooted only in that sorry Per Saltum decision and since, not once, has any change to the Constitution of the Commonwealth, been rendered in a Referendum, which then, by law, would lay the blanket of Concurrence of the People unto the Legislature.

    As a result, MA has been ‘entertained’ by cries for ‘Constitutional Conference’ where changes are imposed by the Legislature, upon the Real People, as though We The People agree and consent.

    We do not, and We have been robbed by those People, of our Rights, which in a nutshell, explains just why this State is nothing more than a Cash Cow for those People wielding power from behind the skirts of Suck-ups in black robes, pretending to be Just.

    Jesus was arrested, tried and NOT convicted of any crime, but they killed him anyway. This is exactly what is happening to President Trump. If you can’t see it, well then, you must be a democrat who has taken a Wrong Turn on the Information Highway.

    (( Thanks for getting this far. ))