When Voters Get Fooled By Assholes

Posted July 18th, 2021 by Iron Mike

America has come a long – long – and very bloody way from the election of 1864,  – when American voters decided that it was time for an anti-slavery president.

That election had immediate and very bloody consequences,  – and today most Americans – Black and White – are clueless.

America’s 42 million Blacks are just under 14% of our population (Hispanics are 18%)  – and most lead decent law-abiding lives.  Two reached the Supreme Court,  one became President,  and Black members of Congress are no longer a novelty.

Still, – getting elected to high public office – even at state level, is a noteworthy accomplishment – and there are always those few who are undeserving, – and those who let the moment go to their heads….

Thus when a police stop for no front plate leads to charges of “Police Profiling” – when Thompson could easily have been polite, contrite, and de-escalated the moment – – it will be the voters of his 67A District who will suffer.

Even if he keeps his seat in the legislature – his voice is now a joke.   Key people won’t return his calls.

Thompson was elected in large part because he campaigned to avenge the death of his friend Philando Castile,  – who was shot by a Hispanic police officer during a 2016 traffic stop.  The case at the time was the subject of major protests and a high-profile trial of the officer.

How very odd it is indeed,  – that 5 years after Castile’s death during a traffic stop,  – that Thompson chose to be an asshole – DURING A TRAFFIC STOP.

Now all the other problems in his life are surfacing – including domestic violence,  – stuff that an honest working press would have uncovered last year,  – well before the voting.


One Response to “When Voters Get Fooled By Assholes”

  1. panther6

    When are more of our good successful black citizens, and there a lot of them going to stand up and say, ‘Look folks just be good citizens, obey the police when you are stopped for whatever reason. If it is a good bust pay the fine/time! If it is a bad bust get a lawyer and sue them for false arrest. IF you resist it will cost you, possibly your life’

    That isn’t so hard to understand is it?

    I now get off my soap box.