When The Media Worshiped Obama

Posted June 14th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Was it 8 long years ago,  – or just this Monday afternoon….?
28 August 2008
Eight years ago the skinny half-black / half-baked teleprompter reader from Chicago’s South Side blew past Queen Hillary, – and the Media was both euphoric and besotted.

Vet Obama?  You’ve got to be kidding;  just read his two books!   Did you know this Black Senator graduated from Harvard Law School…?

His writings, papers, and grades…??  You must be a RACIST!

His law license?   You ARE a RACIST!

As all these political events unfold this summer,  I remember clearly the RNC and DNC of 1960. I skipped school to stay home and watch every minute…. Nixon was sincere, knowledgeable,,…and awkward.  Kennedy by contrast was smooth and comfortable with the crowds…

JFK  1960

And America got a flawed president in Kennedy,  one addicted to pain killers and sex.

JFK's women

And we got his vice president – the ultimate politician LBJ,  – who despite wearing an unearned Silver Star – was an incompetent fool about all things military.

So in 1968 we finally got Nixon anyway,…with the hope he could pull us out of Vietnam…..

But the Nixon presidency gave us scandals, – Watergate [pretty minor compared to Benghazi] – and paved the way for another unvetted Democrat – Georgia Governor Jimmy Carter….

We were told he’d even been an Atomic Submarine Captain….but that turned out to be another Democrat falsehood…. Admiral Rickover had found him incompetent,  essentially ending his naval career,…just as the world would find him utterly incompetent.

Carter 1976

But in 1976, the MEDIA refused to investigate Carter’s background.  After all, – he had to be better than Nixon….right?

NOTE:  I was living in Georgia back then.   Everybody I knew was amazed that the National Media hadn’t bothered to come down and check on Carter’s background,  – because he’d been such an incompetent governor…. 

It was totally weird….

Democrats who voted for him might wish our friend and ally the Shah was still running things in Iran…

Then just 8 years ago,  once again the MEDIA was in love – literally besotted – with the skinny Black newcomer with the big ears and broad smile….

NOBODY in the Media was going to risk being BRANDED a RACIST by actually looking into his sordid background, – his citizenship, – his drug use, – his foreign travels, – his shady group of friends, – or his personal values and beliefs.

He was B-L-A-C-K [and not Jesse Jackson…].

Media cheerleaders 2008

Americans voted like programmed lemmings – believing that they were ‘making history’ and righting the scales of racial injustice – 143 years after the Civil War…

But what we quickly got was a racial vendetta – in the hands of Eric Holder and now Loretta Lynch….

And we got a bungling criminal cartel led by Valerie Jarrett, Susan Rice, Hillary Clinton, John Kerry, Samantha Power, Janet Napolitano, Tim Geithner, Ken Salazar, Sally Jewell, Kathleen Sebelius, Sylvia Burwell, Arne Duncan, Rahm Emanuel and William Daley….and a host of lesser thieves and self-serving incompetents.

BUT,…they are all loyal Democrats, and the Media remained silent….

…even as Russia, China, Turkey, Iran, and ISIS challenge us, – test our military nerve, and openly defy us in the air, at sea, and across North Africa, the Middle East, the Baltic, and the South China Sea….

Obama cannot bring himself to say the words “Islamic terrorism”,….even when a Muslim calls 911 and tells them he is pledged to ISIS – AS HE IS KILLING AMERICAN CITIZENS

BUT ~ somehow ~ the Media finds the nerve to criticize each and every speech – damn near every WORD – spoken by Donald Trump – a man whose entire life is an open book – and has been for his entire adult life….

Trump wins nomination

And the media is getting a lot of help and support from the disenchanted ranks of so-called ‘conservatives’, libertarians,  and the ever-present RiNOs.

It seems very few lifelong Republicans are satisfied with Trump – even after he beat 16 other candidates….

…they seem bent on elevating Hillary Clinton,…for 8 years….

Does it make a difference

5 Responses to “When The Media Worshiped Obama”

  1. Varvara

    Watergate pretty mild compared to Benghazi

    Eric Holder gave away guns to the Mexican cartel

    Rahm Emanuel is destroying Chicago

    Jimmy Carter carried his own luggage even though it was an empty suitcase

    Criminal Cartel: yes I will agree etc. etc. etc.

    Yes Mike, I agree.

  2. Catherine

    I have plenty of disagreements with Trump. In addition I see a number of potential danger signals in his self-absorption and worry that he has dictatorial tendencies.

    HOWEVER – compared to the power-hungry pathological liar and sociopath who is the DNC’s current darling, he looks just about ready for sainthood.

  3. Hawk1776

    I remember when the press worshiped Obama. It was yesterday, or maybe this morning. “The One” occasionally receives mild criticism from the MSM but they are still in his pocket. When Trump is elected the press will wake up with a vengeance.

    Trump was right to revoke press credentials for the Washington Post. Once elected he should disband the Washington Press Corps.

  4. Sherox

    This morning on the news they were saying that 54% of Republicans are very unhappy with Trump’s “racist rhetoric” of a Muslim ban, 34% are unhappy, & 15 % indifferent. What I can figure is that the 54% are the Democrat wing of the Republican party and party leadership. As for the average person who has to live with all of those policies, I doubt they were even consulted.



    By now the pollsters know which zip codes to phone into to get the poll results they want…..

    Just how “Republican” is a registered Republican in Concord, Mass likely to be…?

  5. Sherox

    Here’s some interesting proof: