When The Media Uses Photos To LIE

Posted November 28th, 2018 by Iron Mike

The Media wants you to be OUTRAGED that Trump used tear gas on helpless women and children.
Don’t believe everything the Propaganda Ministry tells you.  They’ve been lying and committing treason for generations now.

Remember back on Monday, 19 April 1993,  – when Bill Clinton allowed his utterly incompetent Attorney General – Janet Reno – to run a military operation in Texas?

Do you remember he BLAMED THE VICTIMS?

Leading up to the storming of the compound – with borrowed Army tanks,  – the FBI had LIED to Reno – telling her that children were being abused inside the building.

(SAME FBI that LIED to the FISA Court to wiretap Trump in 2016!)

Do you REALLY know the story behind this famous photo,…which was used to turn the American People against the South Vietnamese government…?

The Summary Execution of Bay Lop:

The combined NVA / VC attack up and down the length of South Vietnam on the night of 31 January 1968 may have been the greatest failure of American Intelligence since Pearl Harbor….

In one small action,  a North Vietnamese platoon led by Lieutenant Nguyen Van Lem (aka Bay Lop) entered the living quarters of the Saigon Police Chief,  – and before killing him  – had slit the throats of his children and his wife.  Then they slit his throat.

Then they changed into civilian clothes to make their escape back over the Cambodian border….

But with battles raging in many quarters of the city,  Lieutenant Lem was picked up,  and quickly identified as an NVA officer,  and his deed discovered.

He was brought before General Nguyen Ngoc Loan – then Chief of the National Police.  The murdered Saigon police chief was his brother….

The situation was crystal clear:  Bay Lop had led his NVA soldiers to attack a civilian target,  – murdered a woman and children,  – changed out of uniform to escape, – and been caught in the act.

A summary execution was EXACTLY what international law specifies for such war crimes.  General Loan’s single pistol shot to the temple was the most humane form of justice that Lieutenant Lem could have hoped for.

But like the photo of the Honduran woman and her two stage-prop kids (likely not hers – note hair color)…

…in 1968 the American Media (always sympathetic to communist causes) kept publishing the photo of the on-the-spot execution as if it was General Loan who had committed the war crime.

It took months of hard fighting,  but in 1968 the NVA were soundly defeated.

They regrouped, and came South again in 1972,  – retrained and re-equipped by the Russians with modern tanks, missiles, and artillery.

The story line that went with the picture was that the VNAF (Vietnamese Air Force) had panicked and bombed indiscriminately.  It fit the liberal narrative – but it was a lie.

As South Vietnam was being invaded by Russian-equipped NVA tank units across four points of their borders, the media used this photo to blame the South Vietnamese for “the Horror”. 

And in America – people believed the picture – as captioned.

At the key point in the war – when our ARVN allies MOST NEEDED a strong American President backing them up,…Nixon caved.

More than ever before America NEEDS a STRONG President,  – willing to turn the invasion back to where it came from.

Don’t let your family and friends be suckered out of their American Birthright by the ongoing left-wing globalist propaganda campaign.

3 Responses to “When The Media Uses Photos To LIE”

  1. Varvara

    The mother with the 5 year old twins admitted to a reporter that she was going to USA for a job. Couldn’t get on in her country.

  2. Sherox

    The question that I have is why hasn’t Trump gone after the funds that Soros and others use to fund all this war against the US? Cut the funds and you cut the heart out of all of these rioters, protestors, invaders, etc.


    Most likely because covering his tracks is part of George’s way of doing business. The money likely comes from one of his European accounts – so it all happens OUTSIDE our jurisdiction.

  3. Panther 6

    Yes on it being tough tracking the funding back to SOROS but that does not make it any less true. The media has been twisting pictures to tell the tale they want for a long while – ever since our education system started churning out leftist, progressive, commie journalists. Hard problem to overcome but it surely needs to be addressed. If only our media folks would take a lesson from Mark Twain who once said, “When in doubt tell the truth.” That works every time but does not further the leftist agenda.