When MoonBats Clash…

Posted June 4th, 2013 by Iron Mike

I NEVER thought I’d become a Suzanne Bump fan,…but I sort’a have.
MoonBat Infighting
It seems our Gov’nr Duh-val Patrick is still clinging to his belief that whatever fraud or abuse lurks in the EBT card system is ‘leakage’, or ‘anecdotal‘, – and that ‘we shouldn’t be beating up on poor people’.

But State Auditor Suzanne Bump’s bombshell revelation that we’ve been paying out tax $$ to 1,164 DEAD people, on the heels that there were at least 47,000 ‘missing’ EBT cardholders must have been a huge humiliation… 
That is, if MoonBats and lifetime liars like Patrick can ever be humiliated…

Last week Patrick’s new HHS director John Polanowicz sent a [public] letter to Bump – claiming her audit was flawed – that he’d already found problems with it.

Good enough for Duh-val, – he echoed the claim….

But Bump’s crew are standing by their work.  Deputy Laura M. Marlin is a seasoned prosecutor – having worked under AG Tom Reilly – back in the days when we had good government….[sort of]…  Her letter back to Polanowicz was polite – offering to hand-walk Doubting John step-by-step through the audit.

I doubt that John will take her up on her offer.   His bluster was just for show to reassure Patrick he is a loyal toady.

John was brought on board last December – after Doctor JudyAnn Bigby was proven both FAT and incompetentfollowing the Annie Dookhan drug lab scandal AND the New England Compounding Lab scandal….
Patrick fires Bigby
John was no sooner on board that the EBT card scandal hit the headlines. First it was just 13,000 missing‘ cards,…within weeks they admitted there were 47,000 cards in the wind – being recharged each month….

Susanne bump’s audit – led by Ms. Marlin – proved that [so far] at least 1,164 of those ‘missing’ cards are issued to dead people.

And STILL,  Duh-val doesn’t want photos on the cards…?

Of course not!  Patrick believes in wealth re-distribution.  He believes that if you have a job – if you earn money – that it’s only because some other person never got the breaks and opportunities you did.  So taking a goodly chunk of your ‘ill-gotten gains’ – and re-distributing them to the poor – particularly poor people of color – is ‘social justice‘.

Sadly, our Governor has proven that he sees most issues through racial eyeballs – whether it is EBT Fraud or Illegal Immigrants killing Americans,…  To Deval, color matters….

Last summer as he VETOED new laws forbidding EBT cards to be used for tattoos, pornography, jewelry, guns, and manicures – he called the attempts at reform ‘political grandstanding‘.

Trading MoonBatsBut with headlines breaking this past winter about 47,000 missing cards – and massive overtime the EBT department was racking up…    Patrick was forced to fire long-time hack Daniel J. Curley – and replace him with former MassDEM Chair – Stacey MonahanStacy has just completed a ‘listening tour’ of the state – ‘to learn what the problems are’….

Stacey Listening

We think she should have a chat with State Rep Shaunna O’Connell – who has fearlessly pursued this massive fraud issue from the start!

RRB is suggesting to Secretary Polanowicz that he should reflect on his earlier life before cuddling any closer to Deval Patrick. 

Polanowicz is actually a USMA grad, an Airborne Ranger, and a former Blackhawk pilot and helicopter company commander. 

John, reflect on the Code of Honor you once lived by, – do your sword duty, – and let the chips fall as they may around Patrick’s dirty feet.

Me TooPatrick still thinks he has a chance to be President someday – maybe after Obama, – maybe after Hillary.

He’s well aware that Obama slid in without much of a record or paper trail for voters to look at. 

And he’s very aware his own paper trail is growing daily.  He cannot be happy about that!

2 Responses to “When MoonBats Clash…”

  1. Casey Chapman

    If Patrick ever makes it to D.C., these days of Obama’s policies putting our 2nd Amendment rights in danger will be seen as the good old days.

  2. Timothy Roesch

    Where and when will there be other ‘EBT Listening Tours’?
    Let’s go!