When Love Dies

Posted May 31st, 2011 by Iron Mike

S H O C K !

Celebrity couple Adrianna Curry [Playboy / Wilhemina model] and Christopher Knight [child TV star / investor] are ending five years of marriage. How very sad.

They’d met on the TV show The Surreal Life and become engaged and married on the spin-off My Fair Brady.

Gee – do you think that it was all just for show?

I’m thinking that wardrobe may have played a role.  After all, it seems to have started out as a menage-a-trios!

With those t-shirts, I’m surprised it lasted this long.

/s/ Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

Do you ~ suppose ~ they figured out their income placed them squarely in Obama’s sights?  Oops!

Maybe her next boyfriend can get her to register Republican.

2 Responses to “When Love Dies”

  1. Really?

    I’m sorry, here I thought you were “communicating mainstream and conservative Republican thinking,” not attacking C-listers because their marriage didn’t work out. You don’t know either of these people or have any idea what their personal life was like. If one of them had issued a statement you disagreed with – sure! respectfully explain why you disagree! I would have been fine with you posting a picture of the shirts and making a lame joke about it – we get it, you think Obama is the spawn of satan but they are promoting him via t shirt. But making a crack about the divorce of two COMPLETE STRANGERS and blaming it on their political views? In my opinion, you’ve sunk pretty low there. Please stick to the actual conservative news and think about how you would feel if you read an aggressive article written by a total stranger presuming to know anything about your marriage.
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Come on ‘Really?’ – take a deep breath.

    >> spawn of Satin
    Good use of words. Colorful.

    >> If one of them had issued a statement you disagreed with – sure!

    Well, they did – with those obnoxious T-Shirts in 2008.

    Marriage and divorce in Hollywood is seldom what it appears to be. If true [or passing] love has died, we are saddened. And if Obama worship was the only glue holding two people together – and it has cracked – even sadder.

    A LOT of American families are going to go through Obama withdrawal between now and October 2012. Thank God!

  2. Really?

    I just think you are capable of finding material a little more relevant than t-shirts worn 3 years ago and a divorce you know nothing about.
    ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

    Three years ago Americans in large numbers made a horrible mistake – largely led by Hollywood and the MSM. Even the ‘C-listers’ were part of the Pied Piper’s Parade. You were younger – maybe you didn’t pay full attention. What happened then may have cost you parts of your freedoms and big chunks of your economic future. Have you calculated your share of $14.4 Trillion yet?

    So we often mock the MoonBats and the hypocrites – and of course the outright thieves. It’s an unfair fight; we have so little time, so little bandwidth, and the Democrats and Socialists have SO MANY goons and fools. Where are we to start?

    We’re glad you clicked in. Suggest you not fixate on this divorce. There are nearly 1000 entries dating back over two years. Enjoy and inform yourself.

    Will you be able to vote in November 2012?