When Governments Rob Banks…

Posted March 19th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Govt Bank robbersBank robbery could lead to war!

The smallest country in ‘Europe’ is Cyprus.  And like most, they’ve been spending like crazy [sort of like the Obama Cartel].

Only, they really don’t have a source of income.  Cyprus isn’t what you’d call a manufacturing powerhouse.

So they borrowed [sort of like the Obama Cartel].

Now they’ve been reduced to robbing banks – to pay all their government employees and foreign loans.

They are in the process of taking $7.5 Billion from bank deposits to make payments on bailout loans.

Problem #1:   Their bailout loans came from the recently cash-rich Russians [natural gas money].

Problem #2:   About ? of the deposits in Cypriot banks are…Russians!

This isn’t going to end well.   The Russians would love to displace the Brits in their naval and air bases on the island.  Did you notice Cyprus’s strategic location?


Any government failing – so close to Syria, Israel, and Egypt right now will Out of ideaslikely cause us BIG problems – at a time when our ‘leadership’ includes such geniuses as Obama, Biden, Lurch, Hagel, and Brennan.

California has ALREADY tried something similar – passing a retro-active tax. When Governments get the idea they can TAKE your property, – your livelihood and then your life cannot be far behind.

Suddenly even Dumbocrats should be paying attention to Obama’s constant class warfare on ‘millionaires and billionaires’.  The government thieves in Cyprus went after every bank account over $26K.  That will wipe out a lot of college savings and retirement funds.

How soon will the Obama Cartel become equally as desperate?
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3 Responses to “When Governments Rob Banks…”

  1. Tom

    While Cyprus does not have a gun culture, there is an occasional shotgun in the closet or cellar. The Cypriots, like their Greek cousins, are famous for “settling their differences” with that shotgun. The bankers and politicians should beware.

  2. Casey Chapman

    We need to pay attention to what they did, because they are giving our government ideas of how to close the debt gap. Keep a stash of cash at home, as well as your savings at the bank. If you take some of your money out of your bank, try not to take all of it out at once. Spread it out, so it is not conspicuous. Hide it well.

  3. Walter KNight

    Germany balked at bailing out another Mediterranean country’s banks unless the banks conributed with a tax on savings accounts. The Cyprus legislature refused to levy the tax, halting the European Union bailout.

    Too bad, so sad, let them fail.

    Will taxing savings accounts over certain amounts catch on in the United States, even if there is no crises? That’s the plan. To the Democrats there is alwayz a crises somewhere. Expect another Obama Czar to be appointed.