When Cops Lie To Us

Posted January 6th, 2013 by Iron Mike

It was ~ almost a Christmas Fairy Tale, ~ almost.Launchers

The ‘no questions asked’ gun-buyback conducted by the LAPD after Christmas netted lots of guns – 2037 of them – including ’75 assault weapons’ and 2 rocket launchers.

Of course the media JUMPED on the ‘Rocket Launchers‘.  WOW!  The Poster Child for gun control – rocket launchers! Beck BSs The Mayor

LAPD Chief Charlie Beck proudly displayed his catch to Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa

The press swooned.  In their simple minds,  2037 murders will now not happen.

Beck must think His Honor is stupid.  He knows the press is, and he’s counting on them to keep you stupid.  Only one problem:

It’s just scare tactics…

The launchers Chief Beck is proudly displaying – and doing his best to create some shock value – are inert shells – which do NOT contain the actual rockets.
AT 4 Trainer

The smaller one is a used LAW – [ a 75mm Light Anti-Tank Weapon] – used widely in Vietnam against bunkers and snipers.  It proved of limited use against Russian and Chinese made tanks.  I carried a similar used LAW launcher with me for 20+ years as a Army Reservist.  I finally passed it on to a young NCO who had more use for it in training troops than I did.

The bigger item is a similar inert launcher – this one made STRICTLY as a training device.  Both items are often for sale in flea markets and military surplus stores.  They may look scary to uninformed civilians – but they are essentially harmless toys.

So WHY would a big city police chief puff up this story and lie to the public?

Because he is a political appointee.  He has to toe the liberal line – and in California – the political line is ALL LIBERAL – ALL anti-GUN.  Maybe that’s why the state is so broke?

So a man who should be a respected senior police chief – is forced to stoop to scare tactics to keep his job?  Yeah,…seems that way.

The only other explanation is…he’s too stupid to know he’s holding up a toy?
2 Rocket Launchers

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  2. Jim

    I wonder what the buyback rate was for a rocket launcher tube. In that vein I wonder what they’d give for a piece of PVC pipe painted OD green.