When Blondes Go Bad…

Posted February 23rd, 2013 by Iron Mike

Bad TeacherThey’re out on BAIL!

A kindergarten teacher and a school nurse from rural Virginia – charged with trying to hire a hit man$4000 was paid ‘up front’ to an undercover cop. 

Teacher Angela Nolen – 47,  plotted with Nurse Cathy Bennett – 37,  to find a hit man to kill Nolen’s 63-yr old ex-husband Paul Strickler. 

That should send a shiver through the Sontag Elementary School.  I’m guessing Principal Bill Robey will be looking for replacements. Sort’a changes my image of kindergarten teachers…  I wonder…if they’re union?

2 Responses to “When Blondes Go Bad…”

  1. Walter Knight

    $4,000.00 in this economy? Way too much. Undercover cops way overcharge. How bad is the economy?

    The economy is so bad illegal aliens are being busted sneaking back into Mexico.

    The exomony is so bad the CEO of Walmart was spotted shopping at Walmart.

    The economy is so bad people are getting pre-declined credit card offers in the mail.

    The economy is so bad Snoop Dogg now eats regular brownies.

    “It’s a travisty,” said Walter Knight. “Did you see how much weight Mr. Dogg has lost?”

  2. Walter Knight

    Those two could start a new reality show called Kindergarten Teachers Gone Wild. They’re hot.

    School officials have a duty to keep unsable people off campus. I hope these two are suspended while out on bail. I suppose the Union will have a say on the matter.