When Assholes Rule & Ruin Your Life

Posted September 25th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Philadelphia nurse Shaneen Allen was never an imposing or threatening person. That’s why she was twice targeted for a mugging. After the last time, she got herself a handgun license – and a tiny handgun to keep in her purse. A week later she drove over the bridge into New Jersey…
Shaneen Allen gun case

And got stopped for an “UNSAFE LANE CHANGE”,…i.e. the Jersey cops were collecting fines from out-of-state drivers….

And – obedient to Pennsylvania laws – she informed the officer she had a licensed handgun in her purse.  She was promptly arrested and charged under Jersey law with a felony – she was looking at 3½ years in jail and the loss of her nursing license.

Being a small black woman from crime-ridden Philadelphia wasn’t making her look any more innocent in the eyes of Big Jim McClain – newly appointed by Governor Chris Christie.

His mission was to be ‘tough on crime’ – and in the New Jersey mentality – any gun is a crime.

Superior Court Judge Michael Donio [who will be on the bench for another 9 years…] wasn’t cutting Shaneen any slack either. In his court, ‘gun’ means JAIL!

MIND YOU: Big Jim and the Judge had just let NFL girlfriend-beater Ray Rice off the hook, because….both are such big football fans?

The insanity of this case did attract national attention and outrage from gun owners and from people who have actually read our Constitution and understand the intent of our Founders.

Strangely, Governor Chris Christie stated publicly that he intended to stay out of it, and let the system run it’s course….

So what if a single mother working two jobs to support her kids was now having to pay an attorney and make arrangements for the custody of her sons… Why would a presidential contender worry about a working mom…? After all, she was carrying a GUN! And hollow-point bullets too!


The cop, Big Jim, Judge Deonio, and Christie may all wish they acted differently.

The COP should have told Shaneen to drive directly back to Pennsylvania. His LACK of JUDGMENT started the chain of stupidity.

Big Jim should have used prosecutorial discretion – and sent Shaneen home. His next option was PTI – Pre-Trial Intervention – a way to resolve such cases without creating a career-ending criminal record. But Big Jim was looking for headlines. He’s gotten a year of them.

Judge Donio could have and should have tossed this case at the first appearance. Certainly the diminutive nurse standing before him was far less a threat to public safety than the NFL football player he’d just let slide….

But it seems Judge Donio has it in for gun owners. He referred the case to trail. Donio, you’re an ASSHOLE!

Governor Christie has just thoroughly ruined he chances to be a Republican candidate for president. If he runs, – it will have to be as a Democrat.

Gun owners nationwide won’t forget his willingness to let an innocent woman be wrung out by the system.

Black women should remember his indifference too!

Finally Acting New Jersey Attorney General John Hoffman stepped in and sent Big Jim a memo – explaining that given Shaneen’s clean record – she was eligible for the PTI program. As of yesterday it seems Shaneen won’t have to go to trial. It’s unclear if she gets her pistol back. She’s had to go through a financial, emotional, and legal HELL – for 51 weeks.

Thanks a fucking lot New Jersey, you assholes!

For the average law-abiding Citizen – any race – any gender – any age, – the Shaneen Allen case proves exactly why we distrust elected and appointed officials.

Government” couldn’t keep that tiny nurse safe as she came home from work late at night,…

– but ‘Government” was perfectly willing – even eager – to toss her tiny young ass in JAIL – for trying to protect herself.

Our State Gun Laws Are TOTALLY Screwed Up!

Shaneen Allen gun map

Shaneen’s Pennsylvania gun license is only good in some 31 states, – with no clue how she legally gets her gun to Alaska, Vermont, New Hampshire or Maine.

Frankly, it is long past time for both Congress and the Supreme Court to apply Article IV, Section 1 [full faith and credit] to the 2nd Amendment!

Do you consider yourself a CITIZEN, – or a subject?

How does your state and federal government treat you?

5 Responses to “When Assholes Rule & Ruin Your Life”

  1. Varvara

    It seems that she had a license only for PA. To be able to cross state lines she needed a different license at $100.00 per year. She should have known better. I seriously doubt if she will have her gun returned to her. She is very lucky to avoid jail time. I hope she thanked AG Hoffman.

  2. Vic

    Always Carry……NEVER tell

  3. John

    National reciprocity, the only cure… good luck.

  4. Mark

    I agree, Donio, you’re an ASSHOLE! Don’t forget, Massachusetts ccp is only good here as MA does not reciprocate with other states.

  5. Casey Chapman

    I don’t understand New Jersey. Having said that, she’d have been a lot better off, if she’d kept her mouth shut about the gun.