When Americans Elect Fools

Posted September 14th, 2012 by Iron Mike

Good people die!

In 1979 Carter threw the Shah under the bus, and we got the Ayatollah Khomeini and the 444-day hostage crisis – and a horribly bungled rescue attempt.

In 2012 Obama threw Mubarak under the bus, and we got Mohammed Morsi and at least four embassies under siege – and four dead Americans.

Thank God we don’t have to wait 444 days! 

At RRB, we have been quietly predicting dark events coming to pass under this cowardly, inept, and anti-American president. We did NOT want to be proven right. We have no egos at stake.

Today I fear that across North Africa and the Middle East, when the young radicalized Muslims emerge from Friday prayers in their mosques, – all hell will break loose.

Governments friendly to us – or who have been resisting the Muslim Brotherhood are at risk of being attacked and toppled. Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Iran come to mind. This will not be a one-day or one-weekend event.

The MB has carefully measured Obama, observed that he is little more than a teleprompter – one loaded by women [Valerie Jarrett and Michelle]. They see him as we do – unable to make a courageous decision, – unable to lead, – and ill-equipped to deal with international crisis.  They’ve seen this before – in the Carter years.

They will take full advantage – before a worthy president can be elected and inaugurated.

Right now, any westerner and any non-Muslim living or visiting in Arab lands is in grave danger. As violence escalates, and the radicals become emboldened by Obama’s inertia and his preoccupation with his re-election, we may see violence here in the USA.  Detroit and Chicago come quickly to mind.

Look for the price of gasoline and heating oil to rise sharply. Don’t expect any help from NATO, – they’ll be busy with their own hostile Muslim populations.

If it is proven that Hillary Clinton or her key staffers ignored or buried warnings – and that embassy security guards were not allowed to be armed with live ammo, – she may be forced to resign.

Remember that her assistant Huma Abedin [wife of disgraced sex-scandal Congressman Anthony Weiner] has direct family ties to the Egyptian Muslim Brotherhood.

Was the lack of readiness in the face of dire warnings an inside job?

Hey Democrats, – how’s thisChange” working out for you?

/s/ Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

For those of you who are young – or with short memories, – look again at the photo of the burnt rescue helicopter above. Do you see the burnt corpse of an American Marine? He is part of the price we pay for electing FOOLS!

5 Responses to “When Americans Elect Fools”

  1. Tom

    Heads should roll at State and Defense for this terrible lack of intell. What did they know and when did they know it when we learn that they knew at least on 9/10 but did nothing. No bullets in their guns in Cairo. Why? Was this at Hillary’s direction? Fire her and Huma.
    When I visited the Cairo embassy in 2002 the Marines had bullets, I saw them, but “W” and Condi were in charge then, not this Marxist cartel. Oust Obama!!

  2. Karen G

    Once again President Nero fiddles while the world burns…and his liberal accomplices sit there slack-jawed or oblivious. Why is this particular brand of violence, destruction and killing alright with them? I just don’t get it.

  3. Walter Knight

    No more tourists for Egypt

  4. Idiot Blog

    How could you blame everything that is happening around the world to Obama and the Democrates? What about father Bush and son Bush? World would have been much better place if it wasn’t for them. Think about how many lives of American servicemen and women would have been saved and how many millions innocent men, women and children would have been still around. I know party like yours and people like you, lives of those innocent people outside the US are like insects. Idiot!


    OK ‘Idiot’ – I’ll ask: were you drunk when you wrote this?

    What is the first presidential administration that you actually remember?