When A Woman Bitch-Slaps A Boy

Posted May 4th, 2017 by Iron Mike

After Americans shed blood to rescue France from Germany – TWICE,…you would think we wouldn’t much care about French politics….and we almost don’t.

But the Debate last night between Le Pen and youngster Macron provided a rare moment in political clarity.   With the future of French sovereignty on the line,  Marine Le Pen delivered a telling and memorable line.

No matter how the election goes,  her words are absolutely accurate! 

Merkel is the face of European surrender to the Muslim invasion;  – the end of Western Civilization.

France’s Muslims will be voting for Emmanuel Macron, – who is pretty much Merkel’s toady…

Why do we care at all about French elections?

In the SHORT TERM:   we don’t!

In the LONG TERM:   It really matters!

France is being over-run – swamped – by Muslim ‘refugees’ – adding to their already growing population of 1950s era ‘refugees’.  Muslims are now in the process of overwhelming France’s social service systems – and declaring large areas of key cities as “NO GO ZONES”.

They are killing French citizens,  to the point that much of France’s tiny army is deployed on the streets to deter and halt jihad attacks.

By instinct and education,  most French citizens would rather ignore, deny, accommodate, and coexist with the threat – rather than face it down. 

Any concept of French nationalism seems to have died off with Charles de Gaulle,  – any lingering traces vanished into the EU.

Le Pen wants to halt the Islamic invasion,  Macron seems content to let Merkel and the EU dictate “France’s Quota”….


Simply put,…when the Muslims finally outnumber the Christians in France, – they’ll take over.

And France has a considerable nuclear arsenal – their Force de Frappe, – of some 300 nuclear weapons, – 64 of which are carried aboard their 4 nuclear missile submarines.

Should an Islamic government win power some day in France,…the entire balance of world power shifts – instantly.

Merkel and her EU-loving toady Macron don’t seem to sense the danger.

While Trump and other US politicians should politely stay OUT OF IT,   – you and I can root for the Christians.

And be very mindful of all the left-wing sellouts here in the USA – who don’t have a clue about jihad or Sharia Law or the jizya….

3 Responses to “When A Woman Bitch-Slaps A Boy”

  1. Kojack

    “And be very mindful of all the left-wing sellouts here in the USA – who don’t have a clue about jihad or Sharia Law or the jizya…”

    What is going on right now is referred to as the HIJRA in the Koran, that is emigration to infidel controlled countries with out assimilating into their cultures. None of the globalist PC multi-culturist lib-TURDs will ever see it coming until it’s too late.


  2. Vic

    A “phobia” is an irrational fear. “Islamophobia” is a slogan, not a phobia. It is entirely rational to not allow this barbaric cult into civilised societies.

  3. Raymond Smithson

    The world is nothing but a shit hole anymore, either you stand up or bend over , me come and take what I got, if you can.