When A Liar Backs A Liar

Posted September 16th, 2010 by Iron Mike


It must be tough on a former “Combat Marine” to be getting his ass whupped by a girl.  Unless of course he’s not really a “Combat” Marine; – just a stateside one who lied and told war stories about it for nearly 40 years.  Good thing that nice liberal Judge Smith out in San Francisco’s 9th Circus just ruled it’s OK for liars to lie.  I believe he ruled that lying is a 1st Amendment right.  I wonder what that does to sworn statements and perjury convictions? 

Today our high-visibility undocumented worker, aka Liar-in-Chief Obama flew up to JFK and motored up to Greenwich and Stamford to raise a little walkin’-around money for Connecticut AG / US Senate candidate Richard Blumenthal.  We’ve blogged back in May about Richard’s history of claiming he saw combat in Vietnam. 

The pretty [or formerly pretty] people came – Ron Howard [Happy Days] and Jane Pauley [Today Show /  bipolar / married to Doonsbury’s Gary Trudeau] were there – paying $30,400 a plate to be seen and photographed.  The trip netted about $1 million for the DNC, which will return some of it to Blumenthal’s campaign.

Outside, the Citizens of Connecticut had their own greeting.  Do you detect a theme?

The girl who’s whuppin Blumenthal?  That would be Linda McMahon.  She’s the brains behind the WWE – the World Wrestling Entertainment.  That’s the $1 Billion business she and husband Vince built over the last 30 years.  Yes, they’re solid Republicans. 


Obama won Connecticut by 61% in 2008.  But with state unemployment up to nearly 10%,  he’s dropped to 49%.  In his standard stump speech OBummer continues to blame Republicans. 

I think Linda had a good shot.  She’d be a durn sight better than retiring crook Chris “Countrywide” Dodd – who should be in a federal prison.  How desperate do you have to be for media attention and cash if you beg the most unpopular PotUS ever to come shill for you?

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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