What’s Your Plan Mouseketeer?

Posted July 18th, 2013 by Iron Mike

What's Your PlanYou’ve had 23 full days to ponder your utter failure on June 25th

– when “Navy SEAL Navy SEAL” was left stranded on the beach in Cohasset.

Now we face another Special Election to fill the non-vacuum Markey leaves in the 5th Congressional District.  22 Towns are effected.



There are JUST Thirteen (13) Days left for Republican Candidates to get their signature papers turned into those 22 Town Halls. Are you tracking their progress?
New 5th CD

Have you got a pot of money waiting for the winner of the October 15th Primary? Remember, – you SWORE you could raise money…?

22 Towns


Ron's PuppetJUST A THOUGHT KIRSTEN:  If that Quincy City Council seat is more important to you than winning the 5th CD,…

   ~ maybe ~  it’s time for you to resign while there’s time for a real leader to take the reins…. someone who isn’t Kaufman’s sock puppet!

7 Responses to “What’s Your Plan Mouseketeer?”

  1. Jim Buba

    Hold the phone Mike. She ain’t Kauffman’s sock puppet.

    She is dancing to some off-beat tune that I have long since forgotten the tune. But surely Kauffman, Brown and DeVito all have a hand in the way she is dancing.

    Too bad they’ve lost touch with America’s soul.

  2. Paul J Baldi

    The Mass. GOP has one goal and only one: elect a
    Republican governor. Nothing else matters, nothing.
    They could care less about US Senate or House races,
    and often do nothing to help candidates for those
    offices. They just don’t care.

  3. Casey Chapman

    We need a real conservative Republican candidate.

  4. Karen G

    She is ineffectual at best…and a saboteur more likely.

  5. sad4magop

    Now they have their new hero. The Democrat Gomez. He should be booed off the stage when he shows his face. Not this group though. They’d embrace anybody that could help them get a phony baloney staff job. No pride, no integrity, no values, no morales, and no victories.

  6. Harry Huckum

    The real problem is chocolate pants, a.k.a. Ron Kaufman, and he needs to go.

    in fact Mike the picture would have been better with poopie pants Ron next to her instead of Senator Markula.

    Add to this that last night I heard of some very rude behavior by Gabriel Gomez towards several of our grassroots activists. We need to let the media know that not only are we through with chocolate stains, but we have had enough of Brown and Gomez too. Maybe Gomez has a house in NH too.

  7. Shredderofmass

    Republican Mike Stopa is in the race for the 5th, here is a recent video he did. Good luck to the competition. May the best candidate win.

    Check out this one minute video on the 2nd amendment.