What’s The Protocol Mister pResident?

Posted June 1st, 2016 by Iron Mike

As he has done each year – Obama has named June – the traditional month of blushing brides and honeymoons – as LGTB Pride month.
Obama Gay Pride Month
But like most everything else he touches, – he left the job less than half done….

Gay CakeHe left out the implementing protocols.  We don’t really know how to go about it?

After all, – all we see in the media are snarky gay couples demanding Christian bakers bake their wedding cake,  

– then suing their asses off when they refuse.

So is June supposed to be a happy time for gays,…or a month of launching litigation and looking for big paydays…?

froot loopsAre there special foods we should be eating – like Froot Loops,…or is this a time of fasting like Lent and Ramadan…?

Are there special greetings?  

Will Hallmark be selling June LBGT greeting cards?

Will they be REQUIRED to?

Can anybody proclaim themselves gay and celebrate, – or just ‘real’ gay people?

Should restaurants and tourist attractions [like whale watch cruises] offer discounts?
Pink Whale Watch

Do Muslims get a legal dispensation from LGTB Pride Month,  – or will Loretta Lynch seek them out for prosecution if they fail to appropriately show their Pride?  Will Muslim bakers and florists have to endure lawsuits if they fail to service Gay Events?

And finally Barack,  since you’ve proclaimed this LGTB Pride month,…will Michelle be letting it hang out in public this month?  Or did you have Joan Rivers silenced for nothing…?

Michelle Obama Tranny

Just for the Record Folks:  we at RRB have no anti-gay agenda.  We don’t really give a damn….

…until any group – gay, illegals, atheists, Muslims,…tries to start exacting special privileges and benefits from the general public, – from government [the taxpayers], – from religious groups and employers, ….or horning in on private celebrations like Saint Patrick Day Parades….

.and we really believe that sex education – ALL sex education – should be left to the parents, – not the schools – except maybe for biology class in high school.

After all, we’re among the first to celebrate differences and diversity!



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  1. Jim Gettens

    Pink whales??? Thar (s)he blows!!!… Har, Har, Har, Matey!!!