“Whatever It Took…To Shield Hillary”

Posted May 6th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Slowly,  drip-by-drip,…everything we ever suspected, – everything that common sense told us was happening behind the scenes,  – is coming out in both hacked documents and sworn testimony.

Yes,  Obama’s Attorney General Loretta Lynch was DIRTY!   So is FBI Director Comey – who could have gone public at ANY TIME!  Instead he continues to hide behind “CLASSIFIED”.

At this point it is clear that Russians were reading LOTS of our government emails,  Hillary’s emails,  and the DNC’s emails.  Nothing ‘Classified’ there anymore….

At ANY TIME Comey could have gone public,  – told the media and the American People that his boss – Loretta Lynch – was keeping a lid on the FBI’s investigation,  – in violation of the law!

But he didn’t.  He essentially became part of the cover-up,….which makes us wonder what other secrets – even more horrific secrets,…he is still keeping under wraps.

Comey should not be FBI Director any longer.

He has betrayed the trust of the American People, 

violated his Oath of Office to “well and faithfully discharge the duties”, 

– and actively participated in an ongoing criminal conspiracy.

The BEST he can hope for is to be asked to resign – and fade quietly into the woodwork…

BUT,…he may face more serious consequences,….if Trump ever wants to be served by an honest FBI again.

MEANWHILE: The left-wing media [Propaganda Ministry] will begin to claim that there is a “Trump-led witch-hunt” on for both the Clintons and the key members of the Obama Administration.

Forgotten will be the days when a ~ slightly ~ more honest media forced Spiro Agnew and then Richard Nixon from office….

3 Responses to ““Whatever It Took…To Shield Hillary””

  1. FLICK

    Soon the Clinton Crime Family will have Comey on a suicide watch. Not to prevent it, but to accomplish it.

  2. Walter Knight

    Sometimes the best way to sink your boss is to stop fighting and just let your boss do stupid stuff. Comey just let the Obama administration do as much stupid stuff as they wanted.


    That is a ~ plausible ~ explanation Walter,….but it hardly forgives or excuses him for not doing his SWORN DUTY.

    If you are correct, – he was willing to let our nation SINK,…in order to keep his JOB! DAMN HIM TO HELL!

  3. MC

    Comey is entrenched with the Clinton’s and Washington. Since there doesn’t seem to be any journalists who actually ‘dig’ anymore –who knows what else.