What Would Harry Truman And JFK Say….

Posted June 8th, 2016 by Iron Mike

The American Democrat Party – the Party of slavery,  the Civil War,  the KKK,  night riders and lynching,  Jim Crow laws, Colored Sections,  forced abortions and sterilizations,  and the Black Welfare Voter Plantation…has chosen their new standard bearer….
Blood on her hands
Desperate to ‘make history’ with a First Woman President;  – in a nation of 324 million people, – they could find no honest woman?

How hard did they look?

Now,  – short of an FBI indictment – or even perhaps in spite of one,  – Democrats are going to have to tell us – and themselves,  – that all of the Clinton’s crimes – murders, – strong-arming foreign donations, – selling military secrets, – selling pardons, – sexual harassments and rapes, serial perjury and lying under oath to Congress, and being careless with high government secrets,….

.somehow all don’t matter,…

…because “it’s time for a WOMAN!”

No wonder Liberals use drugs….and want marijuana legalized.

Blood of Benghazi

Without drugs,…how else could Democrats live with themselves…?

3 Responses to “What Would Harry Truman And JFK Say….”

  1. Vic

    Time for a woman so long as it’s not Sarah Palin, that is

  2. Hawk1776

    Hillary thinks it’s time for a woman. In fact it was Hillary or leftwingdingbat Bernie. Not much of a choice. What’s scary is that if the Republicans don’t get their act together she could be elected.

  3. Lee

    The supposed purpose behind having a woman would be so she could be a standard bearer for women. Hillary is a terrible choice for that. She buried those women who came out against Bill Clinton, If Hillary was for women she would divorce Bill, but if she did that all her money and power would dry up.